Make Your Way To The Best Business IT Solutions Company


In this business world, finding best services to keep your business afloat can be quite a challenging job. Without assistance, company owners and managers can not possibly focus on each and every part of the business at the same time. When making any mistake, regardless how trivial it may look is unacceptable to the company management, procuring and implementing the right kind of IT solutions is important. However, making through the challenging business IT solutions Essex selection process would be effortless with a few bits of data and research based information. So, we are offering you the data for acomprehensive analysis of your IT solution provider selection plan.

Research A Lot

In your way to find the best IT support Essex solution provider, you need detailed data regarding their services and facilities. Without extracting and analysing information regarding how these professionals work and how they can offer you solutions, you can not hope to make the right choice regarding their selection. So, research would be the best options for easy extraction of information. You an use internet platform to gather data. Internet platform has become an extremely beneficial choice for information access. So, you can use internet to get the data you need for a successful and profitable decision making.

Compare Services


After checking and short-listing IT solution providers, you need to compare their solutions as well. Not each and every company has the capability to deliver personalized and preferred facilities to the clients. So, checking their services beforehand and making the right choice would be best decision for you. Initiating and managing a comparing process of IT solutions serving companies would be easy with the help of internet sites. With a bit of research, you can even find web portals, dedicated to deliver updated, researched and reviewed data on the capabilities of IT solution providers. Such information fragments can help you to solve the puzzle of finding the best solution provider for instant business turn around. 

Check Service Quality

After checking and comparing the strategies to make sure that the shortlisted professionals are capable of offering what you need, you must focus on their quality level as well. There is absolutely no benefit in selecting solution providers who fall behind the mark in delivering quality solutions. When you are discussing about IT facilities, you need to focus on quality as well as personalized facilities. The best way to check their service quality would be through checking their testimonials and reputation level in the market. If they have a long list of satisfied clients, they can be easily trusted with the job at hand. So, business owners need to engage in conversation with the satisfied clients to make sure that their selection of solutionproviders is accurate indeed.

Contract Management And Its Basic Necessities In Modern Business


Contract management is a mutual agreement between two parties. It is a simple procedure of managing the exact contract creation, execution and proper analysis to enlarge the operational and financial productivity. Many organizations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to decrease financial costs and improve company performance through this innovative marketing strategy. Thus, this marketing tool is considered as a very time-consuming process for business.

Contract management in Dubai is referred to the skills related to manage the contracts organized with clients, sellers, business partners as well as official staffs. The individuals who are co-related with the process should be able to negotiate, support and manage the whole system. We often see different types of agreements. Among them, business treaty comprises employment letters, marketing or sales invoices as well as purchase orders. On the other hand, advanced deals are very crucial for normal goods and services that they offer.

The Basics of Contract Management:

A contract will be applicable, when two parties wish to do business with each other. Both parties need to maintain all the rules and regulations which they confirmed before signing. It affects the business productivity in a large way due to the emphasis on revenue and expenses. Unfortunately, when an agreement is poorly organized, one party might experience monetary loss. In that case, it is very important to make the deal carefully before signing. An efficient contract can built a strong business relationship between both companies by minimizing the financial risks.

Powerful Components of a Successful Contract Management:

Most of the time, it is not possible to handle the whole system by organizational efficient experts. Every employee must be conscious with the presence of the process and software companions to satisfy increasing the analytical requirements. The organizational experts can expect positive effects, if the system is successfully implemented by maintaining the rules. Some points are given below:

  • The predictable business profits and financial revenues are being realized.
  • The supplier is co-operative and responsive to the company’s basic requirements.
  • The company encounters no agreement disputes or disclosure.
  • The product or service delivery is rather satisfactory to both companies and parties.

Basically, a business contract is a concise printed format or legally acknowledged process agreed by both parties involved in the business. Both companies need to be aware of the terms and conditions mentioned in the paper. There is a criterion required for the implementation of a bond, that is the ailment that both parties concur in order to claim the deal.

With the advent of ecommerce, the receipt forms have changed for which you can now use your electronic signature for signing contracts. However, it requires a level of flexibility for both concerned parties. Numerous problems may arise while processing. Organizations must be capable of handling unexpected situations as needed.

There are different types of contracts like, purchasing contracts, sales agreements, partnerships agreements, trade agreement etc.

  • A purchasing contract is basically made between a business buyer and a supplier who have agreed to sell products or services according to mutual terms and conditions. In return, the company is indebted to admit the required service and wage for shaped obligation.
  • A sales contract is also known as a concord between seller and customers, where they take decisions to sell crops and services as required for the business.
  • A partnership concord is acknowledged as a contract that legally establishes the conditions applied to a partnership between two authentic parties in a specific way. In this type of contract, they respect each other as partners in a profitable accord.

Nevertheless, it has been proved that the whole process is a very cost effective and time consuming. However, the popularity of this contracts management  Dubai is increasing day by day. There are many startup organizations are optimistic about the future prospect of the system. This is helpful and secure for business owners who can use of this process to make more profit.

Omni-Channel Retailing – The New Trend In Online Business!


It takes a good level of understanding and execution excellence to achieve new milestones of success in the retail business. Though it is a familiar term in the industry, Omni-channelshopping trend, due to its confusion with multi-channel shopping, often goes neglected or misinterpreted. This post helps gain a better insight into this new-era technique to experience incredible business success and establish a reliable customer base. It will inspire you to shape newer business strategies and build the future around Omni-channel customers.


What is an Omni-channel trend?


As opposite of multichannel approach that refers to shopping through multiple channels with an emphasis on engagement, Omni-channel retailing is all about putting a consistent message across each channel. Companies that prefer to display their merchandise across various channels – online, brick-and-mortar store, mobile app or social media – need to ensure that their customer enjoys the same experience and view the same messages independent of the channel used for the interaction. This makes their shopping journey more seamless and convenient, full of relevant choices.


Why go for an Omni-channel approach?


Done with clarity and sharp focus on the latest marketing trends and consumer interest, Omni-channel retailing can help improve your business performance in the modern market and works like a powerful weapon for survival.


Omni-channel shopping is focused more on delivering a consistent brand experience across all channel activities with a goal of engaging more and more customers, thus gaining incredible hike in overall conversion, brand popularity, and long-lasting loyalty.  Omni-channel retailing is also considered to be the best way for e-commerce businesses to benefit more through providing a kind of look and feel that are consistent, cohesive and convenient for their customers in all respects.


What does practical scenario suggest?



Compare is a convenient tool for smart customers who know their way around modern ways of shoppingand buying the best deal available. That is why browsing through various channels before they come to terms with the most suitable deal sounds like the ultimate option for them. According to one recent scenario, brands that were not interested or rather slow in realizing latest market change in consumers’shopping, tendency and purchasing experience often ended up with the decline in their revenue.


From the last year’s shopping trends, it is pretty much evident that consumers are now falling for the excellent multichannel experience and do go selective and thoughtful before they settle for their final purchase. What customers get from your multichannel stores is as important as how they feel shopping at your store, virtual or built from physical material such as bricks and mortar.


How to benefit from your investment efforts?


The best way to ensure you receive the optimal results from your investment efforts made to design all-round shopping experience is to get around delivering high-quality merchandise at competitive prices to the buyers. When product quality is perfectly aligned with what consumers really want, combined with improved shipping capability to deliver the merchandise at the doorstep as well as options for in-store pick-up, and the inclusion of Omni-channel structure, the chances of growing conversion rate is higher than ever.

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How to Develop an Effective Destination Marketing Plan


The Development and Structure of a Marketing Plan: Towards the Development of Marketing Strategies

1. The Situation Analysis

In the planning process there are steps that must be taken prior to the development of the marketing strategies; the first one is conducting a situation analysis. A situation analysis is “the overall process of collecting and interpreting internal, competitive and environmental information.” It presents a summary of these environments and summarizes the company’s current marketing objectives and performance in the market. Through the situation analysis business is provided with a systematic way of viewing marketing activities by analysing the customer, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in relation to the competition. The situation analysis according to Gartrell includes internal, external and customer analyses, also known as the product, position, and prospect analyses.

The product analysis includes a review of the current objectives, strategies, and company performance. Product capabilities are examined as well as the limitations of the tourist product. The whole destination and its facilities are examined to determine what is there to be offered to the potential traveller. This analysis eliminates poor performance since through this the marketing goals and objectives are reassessed in order to determine their effectiveness.

Second is the position analysis, which addresses issues such as how the destination is “perceived” by the market, an analysis of the strength and weakness and how these can be compared to the threats and opportunities in the external environment, as well as the previous success of the destination shown in statistical reports. Also, the position of the destination in relation to the marketplace, the competitors’ products, services and their position in the market are examined. Position is important, since marketing strategies are developed based on the kind of image that the company expects to maintain in the eyes of the customer.

Next is the prospect analysis also known as the customer analysis, which involves the selection of the best target markets, likely to increase the usage of the destination’s products and services. In this analysis factors like potential demand in certain markets, the criteria for selecting the competition, emerging markets, and what political, social and economical factor may influence the markets are examined.

It must be noted that one of the major steps for conducting the situation analysis is the collection of research. Research is pertinent because it is the tool that allows the organisation to become aware of the customer needs, wants and preferences. Marketing research “monitors and evaluates marketing actions and performance, and communicates the findings and implications to management”. Its importance is even more highlighted since it allows for the collection of the necessary data and information to conduct a thorough prospect analysis. In an effort to thoroughly collect accurate and up-to-date data and information from the external environment, an organisation should also have strong marketing intelligence. Marketing intelligence includes “everyday information about developments in the marketing environment that helps managers prepare and adjust marketing plans and short-run tactics.”

Besides, the product, position and prospect analyses, Gartrell speaks of a fourth, known as the promotional analysis, which examines the image of the destination in comparison to the competition and the allocation of resources of the two destinations. The bureau’s marketing budget, sales material and marketing programs are also compared to that of the competition.

On completion of the situation analysis, this information is fed into the SWOT analysis, which provides a framework for viewing the company’s actual strategic position and developing appropriate marketing strategies. When performed correctly, “it can be especially useful in uncovering strategic advantages that can be leveraged in the firm’s marketing strategy”.

2. Program Planning: Development of Marketing Objectives and Strategies

After analysing the information presented in the situation analysis, the next step is to develop effective marketing strategies and in order to do so, marketing objectives must be developed first. This step is a very vital part of marketing planning because without set objectives the marketer is unable to “measure their success in fulfilling the marketing strategy”.

Marketing objectives according to Malcolm H.B McDonald are generally concerned with the 4P’s. Therefore, marketing objectives should be set for each one of these variables of the 4P’s and then the most effective strategies or means of achieving the marketing objectives should be developed for each variable of the marketing mix.

The first variable, “product”, focuses on developing the right product and satisfying the needs of the target market. A product is “anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. It includes physical objects, services, places, organisations, and ideas.” In the tourism industry, the product is “intangible, variable, inseparable and perishable”. The product is more of an experience put together in a package.

The “place” element on the other hand, refers to the channel distribution. It is imperative that a product be available to the customer and in order to do so there must be a channel of distribution that will bring the customer to the product as opposed to taking the product to the customer. This channel usually consists of “travel agents; tour wholesalers; specialists; hotel representatives; national, state and local tourist agencies; the global distribution systems; the internet; and concierges”. They must be very knowledgeable about the destination because they represent the main source of information for the tourists.

In order for a traveller to know of product offerings of a destination and make the decision to travel to that destination, continuous communication with present and potential travellers is necessary. On developing effective communication strategies, the target audience must be understood and the most important communication channels for this audience must be known. Secondly, communication objectives must be developed. The response sought from the target market must be identified through objectives.

It is believed that since the tourist product is intangible and cannot be tested beforehand, promotion “acts as the product as far as the potential tourist or leisure consumer is concerned” since through this, the customer receives a mental image of the destination, as its experiences are promoted. Images are portrayed through advertising and promotion as the only means of pushing the potential tourist to make a purchase decision. Therefore in tourism marketing heavy interest is placed on the promotional efforts of the bureau.

Ferrell & Hartline make reference to the classic AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model, which sets the basis for the development of the communication or promotional objectives. The model holds that the first goal of the communication campaign is to attract the attention of the target audience. Interest in the product must then be built through telling the customer about the components of the product. If the product matches the needs of the customer, desire for the product is stimulated, which pushes the customer toward actually purchasing the package.


After setting the communication goals, the product must be shown to the target audience and the ways to do so are as follows:

1) Advertising – This refers to the use of information to “persuade consumers to take a desired action toward a particular product”. The main purpose of theadvertising plan is to ultimately increase profits and sales for the company and also “to provide information that will change consumers’ mental and behavioral responses in a manner favored by the advertiser”. When setting advertising objectives, the overall marketing objectives must be used as a base.

2) Public Relations – This refers to “the process by which we create a positive image and customer preference through third party endorsements.” The major activities of public relations include, press relations, product publicity, corporate communications and counselling.

3) Sales Promotion – This concerns “short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sales”

Other communication strategy options include travel, trade shows, presentations, non-print media advertising, familiarisation tours, event hosting, site inspections, cooperative advertising and direct sales. In sum, for each communication medium selected, measurable objectives and detailed strategies must be developed.

The final variable of the marketing mix is price. Price refers to that of the overall package that has been put together for the market and includes issues like car rentals, hotel rates, transportation rates and possibly air fare.

3. Implementation

After the marketing strategies have been developed the programmes must be coordinated in an effort to achieve the plan’s goals and meet its objectives. Timing is a vital factor of consideration during the implementation stage. It “affects the placement of advertising and the degree of impact the marketing effort will have on the targeted market”.

Evaluating Marketing Strategy Effectiveness

4. Evaluation

After careful planning and implementation of the marketing strategies, they must be evaluated in order to determine how successful they have been in achieving the expected or projected. The strategies must be thoroughly examined so that appropriate adjustments may be made. Should marketing strategies prove to be ineffective, the redevelopment of objectives and or new positioning strategies may be necessary.

During the evaluation process the firm “tracks results and monitors new developments in the environment”. Constant changes in the environment might also force the marketer to adjust the marketing strategies in order to better attract the traveller.

Gartrell states that in evaluating marketing strategies employed in a marketing plan, first results must be quantifiable. In addition, weekly, quarterly, or monthly results should be used as benchmarks for evaluating the plan’s effectiveness. Besides meeting the objectives of the plan, there are a set of measurement criteria that must be used in order to determine the effectiveness of the programs implemented. These include: “total number of visitors to area, average length of stay, room nights booked / used, total economic impact and the total room-nights”.

In addition, other measurements known as process variables like: “number of trade/travel shows attended, number of prospects/leads, quantity of brochures distributed, consumer reaction to brochures, number of familiarisation tours, number of participants at familiarisation tourism, number of ads placed, number of travel agents contacted, total number of visitor inquiries, number of direct mail programs, distribution of visitor inquiries, number of media kits mailed, number of editorial inches in publications and total number of direct mail pieces distributed.

Undoubtedly, in order to make marketing programs a success, large funds must be invested into the communication strategies plan. This is why Gartrell highlights that for bureaus, “return on the investment” is yet another variable for measuring the success of marketing programs. The best way then to measure effectiveness is to examine the end result of the marketing campaign by using indicators of success generated by a plan, like “visitor expenditures, economic impact assessment and tourism employment”.

Simon Kirby and Mark Richardson from the University of Central England mention that measuring effectiveness in marketing, calls for an analysis of the effectiveness “of each element of the marketing communication mix…”

The communication mix as mentioned, involves communication vehicles such as advertising, public relations and sales promotion activities. In order to evaluate advertising effectiveness, since Nylen believes that advertising leads to sales, tourist arrivals in this case, then the more advertising done the more “sales” there should be. Therefore, increased tourist arrivals can be used as a measurement of advertising effectiveness. Since print or broadcast media can also be part of the advertising plan, Nylen adds that although the impact of this kind of advertising might be difficult, it is still pertinent to set “expected performance levels that can serve as evaluation standards”.

It is also believed that the effectiveness of the promotional tools in the communication mix also varies with the stages of the “Tourism Area Life Cycle” (TALC). In other words, at certain stages of the TALC certain communication strategies will naturally be ineffective. With the TALC, it is believed that the tourist destination, “moves from evolution through involvement, development, consolidation before reaching stagnation”. In other words, during the introduction stage, advertising and sales promotion are extremely pertinent in creating an extremely high level of awareness. In the growth stage on the other hand, advertising and public relations are to remain considerably high, while slightly decreasing personal selling. Next is the mature stage, during which sales promotion is again of great importance as compared with advertising. In the last stage, known as the decline stage, sales promotions must be kept strong and “advertising is kept at a remind level”. Managers and marketers must therefore be aware of which stage they are at in the tourism product life cycle when developing communication strategies, in order to be more competitive and improve the sustainability of the industry.

Clearly, companies have control over the development of effective marketing strategies, but as mentioned, in other instances, the external environment literally weakens this control. The external environment of marketing consists of the microenvironment and the macro-environment. The microenvironment is that part of the external environment which directly influences the organisation. The macro environment on the other hand, “refers to the broad environment outside an organization’s industry and market. It is generally beyond the influence of the individual organization” as it contains technological, economical, environmental and political influences that “affect the level and patterns of demand” for prodcuts.

The Facts on MLM’s(Multi-Level Marketing) and Home Based Business Opportunities


How to Make the Right Choice

We have all been invited to this home party or to that home party by friends and family. We have all had that friend or family member tell us about that new business opportunity or new products they have found. How do we know which ones are for real and which ones are scams? How do you know which ones are the right fit?

What an MLM Business is

A multi-level marketing business is simple. It is a business where you are paid a commission on people you enroll and who buy the companies’ products. It is commonly referred to as word of mouth marketing, or direct marketing, or even network marketing. As you enroll people into your business they are put on different levels of your team. You goal is to help others build their business as well so that you ultimately are able to make more. The MLMbusiness plan takes advantage of personal sales so that these companies are able to eliminate their advertising budgets because it is all about personal contact. This type ofbusiness plan is responsible for more millionaires and six-figure incomes than any other business model. There is potential but there are also some things that should be considered.

Beware of the Pyramid Scheme

The pyramid scheme is illegal, however, quite common under the guise of MLM. There are a few things to look for to protect yourself from a pyramid scheme. When you are talking with someone about their MLM, if they continually refer to the executive level and their earnings, you might want to be cautious. These companies usually only worry about signing people up and pay the most on the amount of people that enroll. These companies usually are not long lasting, as the executives face jail time if caught, so they are not around for many years. If you want to be safe pick a company that has been in business a minimum of 5 years. If a company’s compensation plan is confusing and complicated and focuses on the executive level, you may want to move on. When you are looking at a company you should not be promoted solely on the number of enrollees you have, this should be a big red flag as well.


What to Look for with an MLM or Home Based Business

When looking at a home business opportunity you need to look at the businesses structure and where the focus lies. Is it on the common person or is it based on the higher level and executives? The compensation plan can tell you a lot about a company. The compensation plan should not be solely on the number of customers a person has. I know personally of two companies, one is an MLM and one is not, where the compensation plan is based on customers, sales and mentoring. They are also compensated on customers that their team enrolls. The plan should be easy to understand and should not be complicated.

When looking at a company check out their return policy and how easy it is to cancel yourmembership. There should be a fairly simple return policy either by returning the unused product or even some have an empty bottle return. Research their products and find out what others think and how they work. That is why many companies require their representatives to use the products.

It would be a good idea to also check with the Better Business Bureau and see what they are rated at and how they handle complaints. Obviously the better the rating the better the company’s policy on handling complaints. Make sure that there is a benefit for your contribution. Legitimate businesses will have a service or products for your money.

Home based business opportunities are out there with low start-up costs. Many of these opportunities are MLM’s. These can be great opportunities with hard work and time.

How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost

If you’re a small business owner, you know all too well how precious, and limited, marketing dollars are. Cash is a precious commodity for small businesses and spending it on marketing without a guaranteed return is difficult.  As you’ve no doubt discovered over the course of building your business, no investment return is guaranteed. Do your research, consult with your mentor and pull the trigger on marketing. This is the approach most small business owners take. Consider this formula from the experts for determining the success and cost of marketing campaigns.

As a small business owner, you’ve more than likely kept track of how you get new customers. Do they come to your through referrals, the internet or other marketing efforts? Go through your data base and determine the number of new clients your business served in the last twelve months.  These are referred to as your client acquisition totals. Next, total all expenses related to acquiring these customers. Include in this total the cost for internet service providers, website development, marketing campaigns, both digital and print media, shows, expos and other efforts to acquire customers.  The next step is to divide the total marketing dollars spend by the number of new customers acquired. This is your customer acquisition cost.  While this number may appear somewhat daunting initially, continue on to see the true, net return, of your marketing efforts.

Finally, calculate the total revenue generated by your average client. Are you a medical provider that retains customers over many years? Perhaps you’re a service provider that’s developed a loyal client base. What is the average revenue per year you receive from your clients? Compare this figure with the cost to acquire that client and you’ll see your net return. If you’re in business, it’s the long game that’s important for sustainability. Investing in client acquisition will pay handsome dividends for years to come in the growth of your business. Direct your software developer to track new clients and marketing costs on a continuous basis.  This will be your new marker for measuring the efficacy of marketing campaigns. Good luck to you as you grow your business and client base.


Villanova MS in Analytics

Find the Best Business Documents Translation Agency


Documents Translation Services are parcel and part of a growing industry where worldwide commercial deals and contracts are the order of the day. Primarily among the features of effective translation services are top-tier client service, the scope of translation languages and the reliability of the enterprise translations. There are ratings of first-rate translation firms in operation all over the world. These Translation agencies work hard to offer their customers and patrons with the very best business documents translation services. Translation experts are in full impact at the major translation companies. For business documents Translation agency services, it is crucial that the application is able to manage complex documents and continues up-to-date with well-timed considerations. The fast-paced world of worldwide commerce needs that the work of translating details is correct, well-timed and contextually right.

But most importantly, the translated content always must be in line with the legalrequirements of the courts, company laws and so forth. One of the best business documents translation service experts, only the advanced quality translations professionals enjoy sustained development and customer patronage. For that reason it makes sense to do a small research before opting for the services of one translation service over another. Localization of content, with regards to translation services, needs significant experience on the section of the translation professionals. Top translations firms are able to give their patrons with all way of translation services for the appropriate, reliable, correct and contextually correct interpretation of business documents. Frequently this kind of service will be accessible via software programs. One more concern to keep in mind is that of the expense of the translation services package. A Translation agency should generally not be chosen on cost by itself as this may provide a skewed counsel of its superior or lack thereof. It is smart practice to do a small research into the costs-per-translation by the major online translations agency. The rates are significant and frequently the software will be capable to translate identical phrases, ideas and documents instantly – provided the perspective is clearly understood. The pace of translation is one more consideration. One of the better service professionals, fast translation of content is the standard. But pace should require the place of quality. The second attribute should never be given up.


The world’s best translations services companies do substantial work in several areas including the likes of the following: voice-over services, translations/desktop publishing and document translations. A number of the major translations services provide included value in the way of Standard English writing services. This latter element is an efficient way of considerably decreasing translation costs. The top translations services organizations cater to all way of businesses, from small enterprises to medium-sized businesses to govt level organizations. For that reason it makes sense that the skills of the translation professionals are paramount.


Brand Analysis Twitter: perfect Twitter marketing plan


A perfect Twitter marketing plan or brand analysis twitter is a rundown of everything that you want to accomplish for your company utilizing Twitter or some other informal community stage. This procedure ought to incorporate a report of where your Twitter record is today, and where you need it to be in the closest future, the objectives that you need to accomplishwhen that time comes, and the instruments that you oblige with the goal that you can arrive. Fundamentally, the more particular you are when adding to the methodology, the better you will be in the matter of executing that arrangement.


Typically, you ought to attempt to make your marketing methodology as brief as could reasonably be expected. Abstain from making your arrangement so grand that it’s unattainable. These social media analysis tools won’t just assist you with making educated decagon, yet it will likewise assist you with knowing whether you are succeeding or falling at Twitter, and trust me you would prefer not to set yourself up for disappointment.


  1. Make twitter objectives and goals


The initial move towards adding to an impeccable brand analysis twitter is setting up the objectives that you would like to accomplish after a sure span of time. With these objectives, additionally helps you to know the right moves that you ought to make, when you feel that your Twitter crusades are not meeting expectations your way. Without these destinations, you have no chance to get of gaging your arrival on speculation or demonstrating your prosperity.


The most straightforward method for kick beginning your Twitter social media analysis tools is recording no less than four Twitter goals. Keep in mind to ask yourself, what the target will look like when you begin actualizing the arrangement you have, recently utilize this to decide how you are going to move around your methodology and accomplish your long haul objectives. Remember that brilliant targets are quantifiable, particular, feasible and significant.



Step 2: Conduct a Twitter Review


Before building your Twitter showcasing arrangement, you must look at your present Twitter use and the achievement it has conveyed to your business. When you are done leading the survey, you ought to know how your business is fairing on the web, who controls your Twitter account and does it fill the need it was proposed to? This will assist you with knowing the Twitter accounts that should be upgraded and those that should be erased.


Step 3: Create New or Improve Your Existing Twitter Account


After checking on your Twitter record, it’s presently time to enhance your online vicinity. Make another record on the off chance that you feel that your present one is not filling your need; simply verify that you coordinate your gathering of people and more extensive goals. You can likewise refine the current Twitter record and overhaul them to fit your present business objectives.


Step 4: Get Twitter Inspiration from Clients, Competitors and Leading-Industry Leaders


The principle reason you ought to be on Twitter is on the grounds that your customers, rivals and other driving business are now there. Your rival’s vicinity on online networking may not regard your ears, but rather one thing that you learn is that there is an abundance of involvement in these systems that you can consolidate into your Twitter promoting arrangement.

Reward programs for the best interest of your business


For the success of your business, it is very critical to cherish the loyalty of customers through an effective rewards program. And, accumulation of data and then its interpretation for a more profitable venture in order to know the purchasing behavior of your consumers is very vital for any business, these days.

With the best reward programs, you may validate the existence of your loyal customers which in consequence helps to retain them for the best interest of the company. Once you get the relevance of this marketing strategy, you would be sure to receive the flood of repeat consumers ready to invest their money while making the purchases of your products. The best retail reward programs are a way to drive your customers towards your business. You may choose to offer them incentives like good discounts, free salon treatments, free drinks and meals, or host of other offers to be redeemed for earned points. Apart from the mentioned reward programs, you may also introduce your customers with e-mail membershipincentives through discount coupons, mobile alerts, and discount period alerts. It would encourage the repeat customers to continue with the products.


And, with the modern mode of retail programs, you can trace the membership of customers through punching cards, and thus encourage them to revisit the store of your business. The more the punch marks on the card, the more the chances to avail the benefits and gifts. Most of the supermarkets have even integrated the system through the discount clubs. They adjust their stock items as per the demand of their customers and basis what sells the most. And, it benefits both the parties.

With the above mentioned loyalty programs, consumers might take advantage out of them, but they should be aware about the fact that not all companies have intent to introduce these rewards programs for their benefit. Often, such companies sell your valuable data to third parties. So, it is better on the part of customers to check the clauses before you enter the program.

The best aspect with having such retail reward programs on the part of business is that you would have a visual guide to have a look at the purchasing patterns of your customers through the accumulated data. And, with this data, there is rarely any possibility of making mistakes. You may rate your products accordingly to let the customers buy the most percentage of them. Thus, an excellent customer loyalty program at your end will only help you have a successful ride in your business.

L’Oreal marketing plan in malaysia



         L’Oreal Malaysia, like the L’Oreal group, is organized in four operating divisions: Consumer Products Division, Luxury Products Division, Professional Products Division, and Active Cosmetics Division.

L’Oreal is a brilliant brand in cosmetics, toiletries, perfume and fragrances in the world which headquarter is in Paris, France _the global leader in the cosmetics market. Its operations include marketing, sales and distribution of its color cosmetics, skin care, hair care, hair color and fragrances. This company has the research group for recognizing the benefit market for the entire product. L’Oreal’s success story begins in 1907. They mostly focus on skin care, make-up, hair care and fragrance. L’Oreal includes some important brands such as Lancôme Paris, Garnier, Mabelline, Softsheen Carson, Matrix, and Biotherm. L’Oreal invests heavily market since 2001 (Euromonitor 2005). Their products are sold in about 130 countries. L’Oreal is divided into four categories – consumer into its research and development which gives them competitive advantage over its competitors. In France they have 63,358 employees. They employ 2,500 people just in the UK. L’Oreal owns the Body Shop. L’Oreal, world leader in cosmetics, has a modern and efficient growth model that is always looking to the future.

Consequently, the investments are based on the needs of MEN and WOMEN worldwide, within each market or distribution circuit that is present.

This company in Malaysia is located at Level 13A & 15 Uptown 2, No 2, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia.It is based in Petaling Jaya and consists over 500 employees and has a strong track record sales growth posting double digit increases from the last year.
L’Oreal Malaysia is included 4 operating segment:

ü    Active cosmetics division

ü    Luxury products division

ü    Professional products division

ü    Consumer products division

 2.1       Company Profile

ü            Before the facial cosmetics, L’Oreal was famous as a hair-colour formula developed by French chemist Eugene Scheuller in 1907. It was then known as”Aureole”. Scheuller formulated and manufactured his own products which were sold to Parisian hairdressers. It was only in 1909 that Schuellerregistered his company as “Societe Francaise de Teintures Inoffensive pour Cheveus,”the future L’Oreal. Scheuller began exporting his products, which was then limited to hair-colouring products. There were 3 chemists employed in 1920. In 1950, the research teams increased to 100 and reached 1,000 by 1984. Today, research teams are numbered to 2,000 and are still expected to increase in the near future. Through agents and consignments, Scheuller further distributed his products in the United States of America, South America, Russia and the Far East. The L’Oreal Group is present worldwide through its subsidiaries and agents. L’Oreal started to expand its products from hair-colour to other cleansing and beauty products. The L’Oreal Group today markets over 500 brands and more than 2,000 products in the various sectors of the beauty business. Such includes hair colours, permanents, styling aids, body and skincare, cleansers and fragrances. Indeed, the L’Oreal Group have reached the peak that all cosmetic brands sought after. Many factors contribute to the success of the Company. These will be discussed further in the proceeding parts of this study.


2.1         Vision

According to strengths of L’Oreal Malaysia, the company will tend to boost growth by introducing new products. They are planning to increase sales volume of this new perfume (named: ROMANCE for female –REVOLUTION for male) which are adopted to all local consumers’ wants into the market .The goal is increasing sale volume of this new perfume via effective and efficient distribution channels, branding promotion and aggressive advertisement. A guiding theme that articulates the nature of the business and its intentions for the future, based upon how management believes the environment will unfold. A vision is informed, share, competitive and enabling.

2.2         Mission

         They believe that every one aspires to beauty. Their mission is to help men and women in Malaysia realizing that aspiration, and express their individual personalities to the full. This is what gives meaning and value to their business, and to the working of their employees. They are proud of their work. The mission of the company is the answer of this question:

          Why the organization does exist?

2.3         Goals

ü  Financial Goals :

–       To achieve 6% growth yearly in revenue.

–       Capturing 6% of market share yearly and a minimum 26% for following years.

ü  Nonfinancial Goals :

–       Extend their services in perfume products.

–       Increase profit margin of perfume products line.

–       Obtaining customer loyalty (Generate 25% of repeat business in year 1 for new perfume).

–       Product consciousness through target market up to 36%.

–       Obtain a high level of customer satisfaction among 80%of consumers.

–       Make brand consciousness for products.

–       Make powerful brand affecting link with customer.

2.4         Core Competencies

2.4.1        The L’Oreal perfume will have core position and value proposition which is included:

ü  Luxury position.

ü  High product safety (the lowest possibility of causing physical allergic related to fragrance).

ü     Product availability.

ü Having fashionable shape and tastefully packaging.

2.4.2        Customer Service for new perfume

  • Customer- center service model (customer satisfaction and customer loyalty)
  • Business model (unique design and the ability of high adaption with any types of skins)
  • For introducing new perfume, the company gives free several times test that customers want and even gives free tiny sample of perfume.

2.4.3         Strong Supply Chain Management and Distribution System

  • The new perfume can make strong competitive market
  • Their products are available by selective distribution channels and strongsupply                    management control.

2.5         Key to Success

In order to make appropriate plans for the future, they must imagine which some things will be change. This planning is based on a number of assumptions which have been made about their market in the near future.

ü Population Growth (better market opportunities could be achieved through growth rate of population).

ü Political stability (Malaysia enjoys a stable political system so that provides safety of investment and predicts plan future).


ü Economical growth (Malaysia’s economy is related to GDP that has growth every year).

ü Educational group growth (Government plans to provide equal educational opportunities for all; Malaysia is faced by Increasing the number ofinternational students).


It refers to marketing activity by company that emphasizes the following:

1. Standardization efforts.

2. Coordination across markets.

3. Global integration.


Evaluating our performance during preparing marketing plan:

During preparing marketing plan they started to evaluate their customer needs and wants toward their new perfume in order to know about their customer behaviors. Because they think which satisfying their customers is our precedence strategy. For this reason I conducted a survey which included 16 questions.

Also it included both of open ended and closed ended questions. We distributed our questionnaire among 30 participants, which 15 of them were men and another 15 were women. All of our participants were young which their age among (25 – 44) years. 70% of them were among (25- 29) and 30% of them among (26- 30). Most of them were student including (diploma, degree, and master) level which covered nearly 66% of our participants and 44% were employees. Also 80% of them were living from urban areas and the rest were living in urban areas.

One of our questions was asked about the brand that they use. None of them stated L’Oreal perfume. Another question was to stat the reason of none using L’Oreal perfume, most of them stated because of unawareness and unfamiliarity about their perfume.

The other questions were focused on customer needs and customer opinions of using their particular perfumes. The purpose of these questions was to catch their attitude of selecting their preferable perfumes. I asked them for what reason do they use perfume they answered as follow:

As it is seen most of them use perfume to make their self confidence in their society. Also we asked about product strategy (the color of the bottle), nearly 75% preferred clear and light bottle color. The answer for our question about the preferred size of the perfume is shown bellow in a pie chart:

72% of our respondents, which most of them were men preferred small size and 18% which most of them were women preferred medium size, and the rest selected large size.

Another question was about packaging. For this question 70% of respondents which most of them were women, they take care about the shape of the bottle but 30% of them which mostly were men, they don’t care about the shape. The answer of our question about the smell is stated bellow:

As it is shown, romantic smell has a large demand, it equals 60% and secondly is cool smell and it equals 30%, the last one is strong smell which the demand for this is low, just 10% of our participants opted this option.

In our conclusion we can say that these kinds of surveys can be very helpful to stress on customer needs and wants, it also helps to conduct marketing plan in a better way and to approach more toward customers in order to fulfill them in a right way.

–                 Evaluating our performance after launching our new product (perfume):

The purpose of their evaluation is to know whether our marketing tactics are working. This can be helpful when we use a combination of marketing activities simultaneously. In evaluating, their marketing should be accountable. So here’s a few ways to evaluate how well they are doing. (

  1. Looking at sales and income: they have to look at our sales and income for our new perfume. They should be going up! They have to measure it carefully with knowing that discounts or variances in fees will affect total sales values.
  2. Asking clients: asking their clients in order to find out whether they are satisfied or not. And to find out what are our weaknesses.
  3. Observing their advertising and promotion performance: we have to ask our self whether our advertising and promotion produce direct responses or not. For determining this point we have to make sure we are advertising in the right media. And we have to choose media to suit our selected audience. They give prospects a choice to people of how to contact them. They provide their contact methods in a various way such as phone, email, and website.
  4. Observing our IT based system: they have to evaluate performance for their IT and networking system, checking their website day by day and updating it is important. They have to look at their online ordering and sales to find out how is it doing. In case if there is any problem, it is necessary to take right action to fix it as soon as possible.
  5. Evaluating marketing tactics: it is important to evaluate our marketing tactics by doing surveys among people and investing on R&D to continue our innovation. The purpose of this is to focus on our customer needs and our point of difference.
  6. Positive return on investment (ROI):  rather than just look at the “marketing budget” as one total, we really need to evaluate the cost effectiveness of our marketing activity. Even if we are getting a great ROI overall, maybe we can do even better by changing or eliminating unproductive tactics.

4. Conclusion:

       It seems reasonable to conclude that Market Globalization Drivers: Common Customer Needs, Global Customers and Channels, Transferable Marketing, Lead Countries. It is more important to do what is strategically right and what is immediately profitable. Global marketing is the growing convergence of consumer needs; Basic principle of marketing in every country is biggest challenges in globalization. Benefits of global marketing involve cost reduction, improved quality of products and programs, enhanced customer preference and increase competitive advantaged. People believe on what they think.Satisfation level is with understanding the real market, create innovation, packaging, keep on adding innovation and understanding the power of the technology. Nowadays, in global marketing we can consider with advance technology, high knowledge of consumer, consumer demand and keeping on consumer expectation. Today, failing in business depend to expectation of consumer. Asia has a good market and it becoming more important because of face value. Meet the expectation is important in global marketing.Undrestanding consumer demand is important for making profit. When there is satisfaction, there is market. Global marketing include standardization efforts, coordination across markets and global integration. Challenge is create value in global marketing. Quality is expectation in global marketing.

In global marketing, we try to create problem. We want to create job and then gain profit. Every problem is money maker. All of the consumers are target price. Market is very comparative and sensitive. Globalization depend topolitical, consumer, market, legal and economic. Data is structure of business. Reality of research is important. Limitations to global marketing are cultural and political constraints, confirm to culture value system and national boundaries have begun their significance both as a psychological and physical barrier to international business

Going the Online Franchise Way: investing in new business opportunities With Fillipp


You are bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and you want to either start your own online business or acquire an online franchise business opportunity. An excellent notion! We understand the pangs of starting one’s own online business from the scratch. Now let us look at the other side of the coin: setting up an online franchised business.


The biggest reason to buy a franchise is that it enables you to steer clear of the substantial risks of starting a new business. If you study the table you will see that the risks of acquiring an online franchise business opportunity are comparatively less and the advantages considerably more when compared to establishing a new online business in the same market.


Table: An overview of benefits of an online franchised business


The Business Model

The Brand

Training and Support

Network and Operations

A tried and tested business concept


A well-known brand, with security, trust, and recognition

Consistent training and support to run the business and improve performance

The power of network and proven operation techniques

You have in your hands a proven business model – a method of doing business that leads to successful results.


You have access to the lived experience of active participants (comprising the franchisor and franchisees) who confirm and validate the consistency of processes and operations relating to the business model.

The brand name is recognized – a brand image that customers are familiar with.


The brand has secure technology and trusted trademarks and logos – unique features required to stand out in the crowd.


The brand should already have value for customers you are trying to woo.

A good online franchise company offers comprehensive training in all aspects of running the business and reaches out when you need assistance.



To help you to deal with issues and situations in running the business, there are often user reference materials, tutorial videos, 24X7 customer care, and other support structures in place.


Depending on the contractual understanding, franchisor support activities (initial and ongoing) can reduce costs and increase success. These support activities may include:

  • setting up the website for your business
  • organizing sales presentations and events to maximize business efficiency
  • offering publicity and advertising with ready-to-use templates
  • sharing marketing knowhow with proven tools and strategies
  • installing toll free, intranet, and conventions
  • providing access to latest R&D for product / service improvement


There is generally a clearly defined geographical area within which you will need to run your business.


Regular interaction with franchisees from other geographical areas and the franchisor will enable you to review and improve operating procedures.


Some of the benefits may include:

  • standard procedure for marketing and sales
  • innovative ways to reach out and connect with your customer
  • ways to better serve your customer and build loyalty


You can look up Fillipp, the one-stop solution for all online marketing needs relating to running local businesses in the US. Fillipp offers one of the most comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ reseller programs for partnering currently available globally. You can partner with Fillipp by offering the world class Mobile App Solutions to business communities serving different markets.


Setting up an online franchised business to achieve your entrepreneurial aspirations can be truly rewarding. You have a wide choice: there is a range of franchise opportunities with various commitment levels.


You would, of course, need to seriously study and undertake research before going the online franchise way in your chosen market. 

Innovative Online Business Ideas


Internet which is the biggest technology is increasing its significance rapidly and today more than billions of people are using it for their multiple purposes. When a person requires finding the information related to any topic, search company, product or service then they first make use of internet as it provide quick and relevant result without requiring money. In the hectic world where most of the people are working and don’t have enough time for shopping are purchasing the products online. For this reason, business owners or marketers are establishing presence or creating profile on search engine and various social networking sites.

Company that has created a reputed name on internet is leading successful and high-flying business with huge profit. Promoting a brand or product on web portal is the best way of increasing the sales volume because it is the ideal platform where marketer target huge numbers of audience (say more than millions) at the same time without spending huge amount of investment. Thus if you want to start a new business on internet but have no idea about how to fulfill this wish then make perfect and useful Business Plans that provide a path to directly reach at the highest peak of success. Starting online business is not an easy task because there are many companies that are running their business on internet with good reputation so today the level of competition is very high.

The basic things that a greenhorn must keep in the mind while starting the business are market research, competitive analysis, set a goal, finds the point of interest, analyze budget and develop successful plan. Website is the most significant tool without which creating online business become difficult. Thus, develop the responsive and professional website with concise, compelling, relevant and useful content, easy navigation and attractive designs that provide interesting and enjoyable user experience.  


One of the most proven technique that assist in starting online business is social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and etc. Among all the internet users, more than 60% people are using social networking sites daily. Hence, it is the ideal way that provide direct platform to businesses or marketers for communicating with customers and taking their feedback. Create social media profile and engage the users by remaining in touch with them through regular conversation that allow understanding their needs, demands and reviews about business. Apart from interacting with customers, it also gives idea about what competitors are doing and which technology they are using for promotion of product or service.

Social networking is the most important technique of search engine optimization that provide high ranking on Google. This tactic helps in brainstorming for new Online Business Ideasthat provide tremendous success not today but in future also. Promote the products using leading-edge techniques that show your brand unique and better than others. Remain attentive all the time to know about the best opportunity that can take your business on top position and increase the profitability. As plant require watering and care everyday to give the best quality of fruit or beautiful flower, in the same way to maintain the presence online with sanguine reputation it is required to provide updated information and check the performance regularly.

Importance Of Social Media Marketing For Your Online Business


This is an information age. Everyone is looking for authentic and relevant information. Thesocial media platforms are considered as the best channels where one can easily get the authentic information. In today’s scenario, one cannot underestimate the power of social media. It is one of the most powerful tools to spread information. When it comes to online business, it is necessary to have a very potent presence on social media platforms in order to get connected to millions of people.

Nowadays, social media has become a very effective tool to spread your online business. Using this, the business organizations can directly get into interaction with millions of people. These platforms are best to spread information about the products and services. With the help of these platforms, the organizations can easily get access to the specific audience that finds the products and services of the organization interesting. Using these platforms, the organization can spread awareness among the masses about their products and services in a more efficient manner.

Presently, spreading goodwill among the targeted audience is very important in order to boost the overall performance of the business. The social media platforms are best in spreading the awareness about the organization. This is certainly the most potent tool to build an online reputation. In order to generate revenue by doing business online, it is mandatory to have a very good online reputation, as it increases the level of trust among the buyers. So, using social media platforms the organizations can easily do online reputation management.   

Some important social media platforms that can help in improving your online reputation



It is one of the most popular social media platforms. Millions of people across the globe are using this platform in order to exchange information. Using this platform, the organizations have wide flexibility in spreading goodwill among the targeted buyers. The organizations can use facebook page to get connected to the buyers. A regular updating of the page helps in starting the interaction with the crowd. This interaction will help in spreading the trust. In this way, your follower will eventually convert into potential leads.      


It is the second largest searchable online directory after Google. It is a part of search engine giant Google and helps a lot in promoting your business. Using this platform, the organizations can spread information in the form of videos in order to spread awareness among the crowd. Using this platform, the organizations can easily fetch potential buyers to their websites.    

There are various other social media platforms that can help a lot in improving your online business. Some of the most popular are Google-plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Apart from this, there are several other platforms that organizations can also use in spreading good will among buyers. Using these platforms, the chances of generating online revenue will certainly enhance.

Reason For Considering Quicken As Best Accounting Software For Small Business


Somewhere, all the traits needs equal attention. If we tend to refer little business corporations, it’s very economical to arrange the money facet additional sincerely andeffectively, that is barely doable by mistreatment outstanding accounting software system. All it’s needed that the accounting software system ought to be the boss of your business for managing all the money information.

There ar several business accounting software system obtainable within the market, it might be powerful for a client to decide on among all those. A business owner ought to be continually conscious of its work. What quite he’s doing, that helps in selecting the software system options. Easy accounting software system to trace the account receives record. But, just in case if you’re searching for software system that may perform all the tasks like; payroll, book-keeping, invoicing, etc. All you would like is Quicken. It’s the foremost competentaccounting software system everywhere the planet.

Quicken could be a Best Accounting software system for little Business because:

1.It supports you in doing all of your accounting jobs swiftly. It helps you to ride your business void of any setbacks.

2.It delivers you with 100 percent accurate information and tools that kinds your business book- keeping straightforward and luxury you managing business information with success.

3.You’re capable to accomplish the movement of cash in a very precise time.

4.Keeps back-up of the info

5.It’s as well probable for you to forecast forth coming bills, incomes and reports generating.

Being a owner, if you do not take into account Quicken, you will face some issue in managing the money dealing of your company. Is you’re not accessing Quicken you would possibly be losing one in all the foremost vital tool for your business. This may assist you in running your business additional with efficiency. There are several accounting software system obtainable within the market. However nothing might be additional powerful and effective for your business.


In the promoting, it’s been possibly noted that the responsibilities that are utmost essential are:

•             Paying the staffs

•             Sending bills to customers

•             Receiving and dealing out the credit cards

•             Tracing commands

•             Hunting down the account

•             Paying sellers and dealers

•             Following shopper goings-on

•             Forming estimations

Quicken has it all; this software system will manage of these very important tasks of any little house. Quicken has been progressing to Associate in Nursing extent level inside the client. It helps in book-keeping, invoicing and asking. With Quicken you’ll fully make sure that the accounting has been done accurately, because it is that the most reliable software system for accounting. Quicken stands within the market within the field of quality work; it’s excellent and makes complete sense, if one is mistreatment Quicken. However, it’s important to own that one full-fledged and right one who will handle Quicken.

With this text, you’ll get best ideas regarding a way to resolve your any of technical problems with your well operating Quicken accounting software system. Our encompassing many of us ar mistreatment Quicken for managing and fast handling for your business merchandise and services. However, your will take facilitate of Quicken school Support variety for your fast solutions. A way to solve your any of technical problems with Quicken? Currently, you’ll simply contact Quicken tech support number for your Quick Solutions. 24×7 Quicken Support is available for you to make your Quicekn use simple and secure.

The fascia of Business Intelligence in Human Resource Management



Human Resource Department is a part of any organization. Many companies do depend on HRM on various things like improving performance standards and excellence, staffing motivation etc.If HRM is clubbed with Business Intelligence it bound make some excellent results and also enhances the value of HRM.the statistical techniques applied in BI are bound to yield precise and reliable results in solving many problems proactively. In this article we see the application of BI in the HR department.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a term coined for technologies and applications employed in data collection, access, analysis and information about an organisation’s business. It refers to the use of several financial / non-financial metrics / key performance indicators to assess the present state of business and to assist in deciding future course of action. It is ‘actionable intelligence’.

What is HRM?

Human Resource Management is based on ideas and techniques developed to enhance worker motivation, productivity and performance.

Business Intelligence approach to HR strategy

Human Resources metrics have always been linked to other key performance indicators such as revenue and profitability. However, applying measurements systems, including BalancedScorecard, to people management is always a challenging task.

HR is not usually viewed as a source for hard measures. In order to analyze the return on all workforce investments, such as recruiting, developing capabilities, compensation and directing behavior, HR function should understand the business challenges of its entire organization.

HR professionals must understand the organization’s business plans and the operational, financial and customer-facing goals they are expected to achieve. Then they should associate these goals with the existing workforce metrics.

In many cases, HR information is scattered, which leads to non-systematic hiring, training, performance management and compensation processes. Detailed HR measurement data is essential these days, as globalization, tight labor markets and an aging workforce are causing many businesses to more closely inspect the performance of their largest investment: the workforce whose compensation represents 60 percent to 70 percent of the general expenses.

New Business Intelligence technologies offer HR departments the ability to invest in Human Capital Management analytics solutions designed to yield the insights essential for making informed decisions on HR.

Business Intelligence allows HR departments to become a strategic asset within the organization. It helps boost the efficiency within the HR department and make key decisions around recruitment, planning, and budgeting to support the strategic goals.

Business Intelligence systems help HR professional access information from data warehouses and other sources, structure analyses to find areas of improvement, and communicate the results in a way that is convincing to others.

HR function in the organization is not limited by administrative issues. HR department should use a fact-based systematic approach to solve business problems and offer a longer-term viewpoint in order to adjust to environmental changes. The key task of the HR professional is to proactively produce solutions to strategic business issues facing the organization.

Business Intelligence — Transforming HR Data into Business Acumen

The New Complexity of HR

More than ever before, HR professionals are being asked to show how their company’s workforce policies affect its overall business plan. As a rule, this information is not readily available.

For example, you granted merit raises to your employees this year. Can you measure your ROI on that expenditure? Did it resolve the turnover issue at your underperforming facility? Did it help retain the people and skills required to meet your company’s five-year growth plan?

In order to provide strategically sound answers, the HR staff needs the critical information provided by the right technology processes and analytical tools. They must be able to access and analyze data from all HR functional areas and employ appropriate methodologies to interpret the data, draw meaningful conclusions and make fact-based decisions.

Fortunately, today’s advanced technology systems can assimilate essential data and transform that data into business acumen that supports the broader enterprise business plan. Companies may have this expertise in house, or they may turn to HR outsourcers and consultants who have the data, technology and knowledge to provide solutions.

From Disparate Data to Integrated Information

Many companies struggle with the problem of disparate data that is housed in separate HR systems, making it difficult to extricate, and even harder to interpret.

The first step is to extract and combine data from the various vertical HR functions, such as benefits, payroll and staffing. This integrated information can then be examined using appropriate metrics and analytics to produce business intelligence (BI) – the useful information on which HR professionals can base strategic decisions.

For example, a company can discover what is really driving the cost of benefits – the plan design or a hiring freeze that was instituted to control near-term expense and has created an older workforce over time. Or, whether increased hiring is due to growth and skill upgrades or to unwanted turnover. Additionally, BI incorporates insight into statutory and regulatory compliance issues that are front of mind because of Sarbanes-Oxley.

By accessing HR data horizontally across functional areas, companies can establish an informational baseline. That, in turn, allows them to measure the results of HR programs and practices, and identify critical insights about their workforce. They can examine trends over time and build a base for modeling and conducting ‘what-if’ projections for the future.

Delivering Business Intelligence to a Global Organization

BI is an especially critical area – and challenge – for global organizations, given the complexities of managing a culturally and geographically diverse workforce. An organization should start with a clear understanding of what it needs to measure and why, and take an inventory of the systems that house the base data. Often, a capital investment is necessary to obtain the requisite tools and infrastructure.

It’s best for companies to start with a few key business challenges that are significant to overall results. Although a long-term vision is essential, it’s better to implement in stages.

Benchmarking Increases the Value of Business Intelligence

As HR outsourcing has matured, more industry benchmarking information is becoming available. Proprietary databases are being developed that can be used with benchmarking data maintained by third-party vendors, industry groups and government.

By comparing typical ranges for workforce metrics in the marketplace, HR can set appropriate targets. For example, a company can consider labor supply, compensation; healthcare and payroll tax norms to understand what will drive its future profitability and productivity, to evaluate the impact of changing workforce demographics or to consider where to expand call center operations geographically.

Linking Workforce Value to Financial Performance

Business intelligence is an important input in measuring the value of a company’s workforce because it helps link people data and programs to financial performance. Sophisticated analytics now can measure how HR systems and programs affect employee behavior and how that, in turn, influences customer behavior – and ultimately drives financial results.

Companies need to know the demographic and skills profile of their workforce in order to optimize the value of that workforce. That is increasingly the job of a strategic HR function. And, companies must be able to link workforce measurement and the role of the HR function to their business goals. That allows them to evaluate whether HR is doing the right things to help the company grow.

Using current employee data and projections about future workforce trends, companies can model the people implications of their business plans. HR can then develop targeted workforce strategies to help it attract, engage and retain the right people, in the right locations, at the right cost.

For example, a global banking organization modeled its total projected labor costs to make decisions about where non-customer-facing employees should be located. In another instance, a leading information services provider was able to better understand current and future staffing trends to better align its reward programs.

Leading companies create capability in workforce management. By leveraging a combination of excellent processes and technology, they take control of their future workforce today and position themselves to be ready to deliver on their strategy.

Business Intelligence for HR

Business Intelligence for HR functions as decision support structure for assessing and administering all HR functions. It offers access to precise, appropriate, wide-ranging information from HRMS applications besides facilitating tools to make improved and more calculated choices.

Applying Business intelligence in HR helps in executing extensive manpower assessments, preparing account reports, employee performance reports, evaluating wages, staffing, available jobs and termination rules. This eventually helps the organization in making advanced choices that joins the staff with the corporate goals.

BI helps the HR to provide strategically sound solutions with the help of right expertise and methodical instruments. Through BI an HR is able to avail and assess data from related operational area besides deploying suitable methodologies to understand the data, derive significant conclusions and make evidence based choices.

Business intelligence (BI) is used in HR to enhance outcomes across all divisions of the firm right from applicant selection, performance assessment, value control, maintenance and profitability. The platform collects the significant data and converts it into commercial acumen that assists the extensive organizational plan.

Business intelligence (BI) can be used in HR to improve results across all aspects of the organization —candidate screening, performance appraisals, cost-containment, retention and productivity.

With BI HR can accelerate to:

Acquire Talent: Key insights can help HR cost-effectively find the right people in the shortest time.

Deploy Staff: To segment workforce and invest time in the key employees who make the biggest contribution.

Segment Talent: To provide opportunities for growth such as training, on-the-job experience, and mentoring.

Retain Top Talent: To identify the critical talent within the organization and ensure HR retains it.

It’s not enough for HR to simply manage administrative issues. Rather, value will lie in using a fact-based analytic approach to solve business problems and providing a longer-term viewpoint about how the organization should adjust to environmental changes.

ü      Aligning payroll and incentives with corporate goals

ü      Monitoring key metrics like turnover, demographics, cost per employee, recruiting, and training effectiveness

ü      Analyzing opportunities for improvement in areas such as recruitment, attrition, and retention

ü      Minimizing the administrative burden of manual processes involved with spreadsheets

Application of Business Intelligence in HR

ü      BI helps in acquiring right candidate in shortest span of time using economical


ü      It helps in organizing staff and segmenting those who are consistent performers.

ü      It offers prospects for expansion such as training, counseling and on site

experience, etc.

ü      It assists in retaining top performer by locating the significant talent within the firm.

ü      It helps the HR to manage issues other than management and allows him to use evidence based logical approach to resolve commercial issues and offers long-standing perspective on how the firm should regulate keeping the industrial alterations in mind.

ü      It helps in supporting the appraisal and incentives process in accordance to corporate objective.

ü      It helps in supervising major metrics like value per staff, revenue, staffing, demographics and training efficiency.

ü      Inspecting opportunities for enhancement in context of enrollment, abrasion, and maintenance

ü      Reducing the managerial weight of labor-intensive methods engaged with spreadsheets

Role of Business Intelligence in HR decision-making

ü      Offering precise, significant and actionable knowledge

ü      Implementing structuring abilities dependent on actual data to make protrusions regarding the altering dynamics of a firm’s employees before, during and post strategy, administrative and other alterations.

ü      Conveys the plan of action, tools and studies to comprehend the influence of the business on office trends, choices and schemes

ü      Recognizes and associates performance enhancers and significant trends that help in updating the strategy for uninterrupted business solutions

ü      It controls pre-allocated KPIs to assign administrative objectives.

ü      It combines all major data on a single homepage which the user can access with one click

ü      It helps in managing employee’s growth and learning, and evaluating training turnout, resource utilization, rates, and success rates.

ü      It helps in optimizing payments and comparing it with average salary group on the basis of performance and service analysis.

ü      It helps in controlling recruitment by evaluating time and money spent in the process.

ü      It helps in understanding employee’s composition by job profile, user-identified groups, minority categories, and business areas.

BI acts as a decision support system that helps analyze and manage all HR processes. It provides access to accurate, timely, comprehensive data from HRMS applications and provides the tools to make better, more strategic decisions. Perform comprehensive manpower analysis and budget reports. View employee development and performance reports. Analyze salary, recruitment, vacancy and termination trends. The results: drive faster, better decision-making that aligns your workforce with corporate objectives.

More than ever before, HR professionals are being asked to show how their company’s workforce policies affect its overall business plan. As a rule, this information is not readily available.

For example, you granted merit raises to your employees this year.

ü      Can you measure your ROI on that expenditure?

ü      Did it resolve the turnover issue at your underperforming facility?

ü      Did it help retain the people and skills required to meet your company’s five-year growth plan?

In order to provide strategically sound answers, the HR staff needs the critical information provided by the right technology processes and analytical tools. They must be able to access and analyze data from all HR functional areas and employ appropriate methodologies to interpret the data, draw meaningful conclusions and make fact-based decisions.

Business Intelligence Supports Strategic HR Decision-making

BI can help HR departments become a strategic asset within their respective organizations in two ways: by generating efficiencies within the department itself; and by using the insight that BI delivers to help their organizations make strategic decisions around staffing, planning, and budgeting to support key goals.

BI can help HR provide answers to the questions that have a direct bearing on their organization’s strategy. For example:

ü      Do our recruitment programs attract our future managers?

ü      Which employees are ready for management positions?

ü      What will our staffing needs be five years down the road?

ü      Who are the most productive employees across the company?

ü      Which employees are at risk of leaving? What can we do to keep them?

ü      Do we have the right skills mix to achieve our goals? Where are the gaps?

With answers to these questions, HR can identify trends in their workforce that lead to a better understanding of how to maximize human capital. Positive trends can be leveraged for greater value; negative trends can serve as an early warning system to spur corrective action before problems become acute.

Hiring, retaining, and deploying employees with the right skill sets can be challenging and has strategic implications to firms across industries

Provides accurate, meaningful and actionable information.

Introduces modeling capabilities based on real data to make projections about the changing dynamics of a company’s workforce in advance of, during and after policy, regulatory and other changes.

Delivers the methodologies, tools and analyses to understand the business impact of workplace trends, decisions and policies

Identifies and links performance drivers and critical workforce trends that better inform the strategy for end-to-end business solutions

Gain Daily Business Intelligence: Leverage predefined KPIs to set management goals. Consolidate all key information on a single homepage, with one-click access to automated out-of-tolerance notifications, KPIs, reports, and more.

Manage Workforce Development and Learning: Analyze competence gaps by person and job. Analyze skills gaps for groups and individuals. Manage training attendance, resource use, costs, and success rates.

Optimize Compensation: Analyze salary trends. Compare average salaries by group. Look at salary distributions and skews by grade, performance, and service test. Evaluate benefits plans for maximum value.

Manage Recruitment: Analyze time and costs by recruitment method. Review recruitment success rates. Analyze applicant statistics and dropout reasons.


Analyze Workforce Composition: Understand workforce trends by job, geography, user-defined categories, minority groups, and business areas.

Manage Utilization and Productivity: Analyze planned and unplanned hours by cost band over time. Analyze absenteeism by reason over time.

BI tools

With BI tool, HR department can utilize all the data related to their existing employees to analyze their human capital and provide decisions around staffing and retention. Business intelligence can also help HR Department to mine out information regarding:

ü      How to motivate individuals and departments within organizations?

ü      Do our incentives and benefits reward smart contribution?

ü      How to flush out innovation from individuals and departments?

ü      Will the individuals work their best in collaborative environment?

ü      What is the best technique to train employees?

ü      How to incorporate feedback from individuals?

ü      Why do employees leave the company? Where do they go?

ü      What does the individual employee think of work environment?

With the BI tools, the HR can tailor the benefits and incentives. The era of providing generic benefits is over. BI tools help get ‘Mass Customization’ of benefits to suit individual employee. This will be very critical to be competitive in attracting and retaining talent.

ü      Is my workforce capable enough to meet my target?

ü      Why is my employee turnover so high?

ü      Have I recruited the right people?

Getting these answers is very critical not just for your HR strategy but to your business as a whole. But are your systems giving you the right information to help you answer these questions?

They might be giving you numbers, percentages and statistics. But a lot of times you would not have known what to do with them. Unless and until they facilitate good decision making and intelligent choices, they mean nothing. So how do you get those ‘good numbers’?

Metrics in Business Intelligence

What exactly are metrics?

Metrics are numbers that indicate how well an organization is performing in a specific area and provide the context around which that performance should be analyzed. Metrics are often expressed as percentages (for example, percentage return on an investment), or sums (for example, total quarterly revenue). They can be either prime or aggregate. For example, an aggregate metric such as recruitment effectiveness could combine recruitment costs, time to recruit, and employee quality, and could be tracked over a specific period of time. Metrics provide the context for decisions around corporate performance in many ways. They have specific definitions, performance targets, thresholds, data sources, historical performance and include supporting documentation. Metrics have an owner who is responsible for meeting performance targets. Ownership for one or more metrics can fall to an individual employee, a team, a line of business, or an entire organization.

They might be giving you numbers, percentages and statistics. But a lot of times you would not have known what to do with them. Unless and until they facilitate good decision making and intelligent choices, they mean nothing. So how do you get those ‘good numbers’?

HR is a key function and BI is required for better people management and overall business management.

We understand the critical need of good decision making whatever be the functional domain. It is with this vision that we design and integrate business intelligence solutions with HR solutions.

Along with integrating HR with your core business strategy, you will have a reporting system which will take care of your metrics. Get your metrics for:

ü      Trends analysis

ü      Employee turnover

ü      Workforce analysis

ü      Budget control

ü      Recruitment cost analysis

ü      Salary Monitoring

Common sources of HR data are:



Payroll applications

Industry benchmarks

Legacy systems

Labor market trends

Employee surveys

Labor regulations

ERP systems

Collective agreements


Outsourced information

Financial systems

Industry benchmarks

Business Skills for the IT Workers

IT executives are starting to see a looming shortage of people with the mix of tech and business skills they’ll need. Its loud and clear Business Organizations need talent with a mix of technology and business acumen. Retiring Baby-boomers have amassed the business knowledge over the period of their employment. Businesses are looking for the same level of Business skill when hiring entry level IT worker to fill their position.

At the same time ‘Hard’ IT skill by itself will not be a differentiator because of globalization of labor. The role of IT has also evolved from mundane automation in the 1990s to enabling the business to sustain competitive advantage. If the IT project is not critical to the company’s core competency, it will get outsourced. With maturing SaaS model, the organizations will get very comfortable in using ‘On Demand’ delivery model for non core IT activities. With these emerging new realities, IT workers especially in the developed countries when they compete with other IT workers around the globe need to move up the value chain quickly. ‘Soft’ skills like good communication skill, collaboration skills etc. are beginning to gain importance.

The sad part is, because of cost cutting, the organizations are not willing to invest in their workers to acquire those ‘soft’ skill. The IT workers need to be proactive and acquire those skills themselves.

Companies around the world face a workforce that is getting older. This will make attracting and retaining talent a top priority. This trend will catapult into the role of HR department right into the middle of formulating a people centric business strategy, especially in Knowledge Industry. As the global war on talent continues, it will become increasingly difficult for large organizations to hire, motivate and retain talent. With the technological advances and globalization, organizations will be subjected to intense competition. Thus, utilizing the right human capital will be of paramount importance. Intense competition will also lead to growing attrition. This is where HR can play an important role in ‘Talent Management’. Rather than doing only administrative work and ‘reactive’ hiring/firing employees, the HR professional need to ‘proactively’ start solving people issues. IT executives will not be able to address this on their own. Like it or not, they will have to collaborate with HR department in producing solutions to strategic ‘people’ issues facing the organization. With the advances in Business Intelligence (BI) tools, HR department can utilize all the data related to their existing employees to analyze their human capital and provide decisions around staffing and retention. Business intelligence can also help HR Department to mine out information regarding:

ü      How to motivate individuals and departments within organizations?

ü      Do our incentives and benefits reward smart contribution?

ü      How to flush out innovation from individuals and departments?

ü      Will the individuals work their best in collaborative environment?

ü      What is the best technique to train employees?

ü      How to incorporate feedback from individuals?

ü      Why do employees leave the company? Where do they go?

ü      What does the individual employee think of work environment?

Currently HR is not empowered to answer these questions in a systematic way. With the BI tools, the HR can tailor the benefits and incentives to custom fit every employee. The era of providing generic benefits is over. ‘Mass Customization’ of benefits to suite individual employee is where the future is. BI tools will help HR get there. This will be very critical to be competitive in attracting and retaining talent.

Pervasive Business Intelligence

Here are 5 Steps every organizations need to take to make BI pervasive

Think Big: Don’t think of BI as synonymous with query tools; instead, think about how information can be used to improve everything about your business.

Start Small: A focused project will yield a fast win, garner executive enthusiasm, and provide greater insight into BI’s complexities.

Foster Business-IT Partnership: Learn what drives the business. Staff BI teams jointly with business and tech experts.

Clean Up: If your source systems are a mess, your BI platform will be, too. Use a data governance program to improve data integrity.

Provide A Portfolio Of Tools: BI interfaces are optimized for different users and applications. Don’t underestimate the importance of interface appeal

Six reports every HR executive needs

HR scorecard

A scorecard is part of a performance management system that provides executives and other people in an organization with critical information about their performance in an easy-to-use format. Scorecarding software creates, manages, presents, and delivers an Organization’s key performance metrics (for example: quarterly revenue, ROI, customer satisfaction) and presents them using such intuitive symbols as traffic lights or directional arrows. From this summary information, the end user can drill down through a particular metric to increasingly detailed layers of information to analyze the factors that drive its performance. Scorecards can also be used to measure the performance of a specific department. For HR, key metrics could include progress against recruitment targets, overall headcount, skills gaps, training expenses and effectiveness, employee performance ratings, turnover rates, and more. An HR scorecard enables HR managers to achieve two goals at once: it identifies opportunities for HR to improve its own performance through more effective strategies, whether they focus on recruitment, training, retention, or other areas. It can also be integrated into an executive-level scorecard that illustrates the impact of HR in context to the organization’s strategic goals and success.

Recruiting analysis

Companies use many recruitment methods to attract top talent. These include newspaper ads, agencies, job fairs, and employee referrals. Recruitment costs account for a considerable percentage of HR’s overall budget, and HR mangers need to know that the money that’s being spent is attracting the right people. Many HR departments calculate their average cost per hire. However, this tells only part of the story. With BI, a HR manager can measure recruitment efforts in terms of the time required to recruit. From there, the manager could combine the time, money, and recruitment method required to recruit a specific employee, then correlate these metrics to the employee’s performance. This could reveal that one method attracts more people in a shorter time or at a lower cost, but that the people are not as highly qualified as those attracted by another method that either costs more or takes a longer time. In this way, the manager can see which methods bring in the highest-quality employees and design highly targeted, highly effective recruitment campaigns that attract highly qualified people.

Retention analysis

A challenging economy and a fluid job market have made employee turnover a growing concern among HR executives. Turnover costs can range from the equivalent of six months to three years’ worth of salary and benefits depending on the level and expertise of the employees who need to be replaced. To reduce hiring and employee placement costs, HR executives need the ability to proactively identify the factors that lead an employee to leave, thereby increasing the company’s overall retention rate. Both of these goals can be accomplished using BI. An HR executive can consolidate and monitor the various facets of each employee’s situation (seniority, salary, position, promotions, job class, skill set, and more) and analyze the impact of each facet—whether on its own or combined with others—on the company’s turnover rate. In this way, HR executives can create a profile of the employees who are at the greatest risk of leaving, identify the employees that match that profile, and then devote resources to the factors that will prevent them from leaving. This helps the company lower its turnover rate, thereby reducing recruitment, new hire, and employee placement costs.

Workforce analysis

A company’s ability to deliver on its strategic goals depends not only on its staffing levels, but also on the skills of its employees. Departments that are continually understaffed, or employees that are lacking specific skills, can impair the company’s effectiveness. As such, HR managers need the ability to map the goals of each department to the staffing levels and skills mix they will need to achieve them, and then measure progress against these targets. This lets the HR manager align employee performance with the company’s strategic goals.HR managers can also use BI to report on basic employee information such as age, gender, and even ethnic origin. Accessing this information lets HR managers see whether their company is complying with labor regulations such as Employment Equity or Affirmative Action. The resulting insight can spur changes in staffing policies that could spare the company from potentially serious consequences. HR managers can also be notified of shortfalls through an automatic email. In this way, HR managers can prevent staffing problems before they develop. If a company plans aggressive growth through acquisitions, BI can be used to consolidate the various legacy systems that will become part of the company’s HR database. At the same time, HR managers can use BI to forecast future staffing needs and inform executive decisions regarding budgeting and planning.

  succesion planning analysis

Many companies fill their managerial ranks with a mix of internal employees who have worked their way up and people from outside the company. Newcomers inject new ideas and energies; veterans provide continuity and a deep understanding of the corporate culture. The challenge for HR managers is to identify future leaders from within the company and to ensure that recruitment programs are attracting suitable managers from without. Using BI, HR managers can adopt a long-range view that enables them to assess what is sometimes referred to as their company’s “readiness rate.” They can use BI to create a profile of current managers (their skills, salary, seniority, related experience, and so on) and correlate that information to the company’s current workforce. This “bench strength analysis” lets them identify employees who are ready to assume management roles now (those who match the profile), and those who will be ready down the road. From here, directors can identify the skills that future management candidates require to become fully qualified and then design the appropriate development or training programs. This helps ensure that departing managers do not leave holes in the corporate memory—holes that are very expensive to fill.

Compensation analysis

Performance-based compensation packages are an effective way for a company to recruit and keep top talent. Performance-driven organizations reward the most effective employees. HR managers need to know that their compensation plans are effective and competitive for their industry and for the skills that they require.BI can help HR managers design effective compensation benefits and policies by correlating compensation to performance targets, skill sets, seniority, and other factors. For example, a sales manager could use BI to analyze the split between revenue generated by new and existing customers, identify those sales reps who bring in a higher percentage of new business, and structure their compensation accordingly. This encourages employees to continually improve their performance and skills. For the HR manager, the end result is a reduction in turnover rates and the associated recruitment costs. It also ensures that payroll spending has a demonstrable impact on overall performance.


To conclude Business Intelligence will help HR departments to solve people’s issues proactively. It will help HR in Talent aqusition, reducing costs, retaining better talent, work force segmentation,.accesing the performance of the employees or workforce etc.BI gives a new facet to HRM.BI helps HR departments to generate wide variety of on demand HR reports and thus contributes for the effective functioning of HR in organizations through accurate decision making. Thus BI helps in creating and adding a value to the Human Capital Management. Business Intelligence Provides Strategic Value to HR by giving a Complete View of Employee, Compensation, Training, and Workforce Planning Data


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How to Create a 30-60-90-day Business Plan to Use in a Non-Sales Interview


Can you use a 30-60-90-day plan for non-sales jobs? Of course–it works for marketing, project management, technical support, and many others. For instance, I got a call from acandidate going for a job in Marketing Communications. He had a 30-60-90-day template, but needed help translating it into a document for a non-sales job like the one he wanted. We spent a few minutes brainstorming together, and came up with some ideas and new directions that I also wanted to share with you.

To begin with, remember that there are objectives you have to achieve in every job. They aren’t all achievable in the first 30-60-90-days (or even in the first 180 or 360 days), but even with a really long-term objective, there should be some kind of break down of what needs to be done when, and certainly at least some of them can be taken care of within the first 30-60-90 days. So, for example: if you are in Marketing Communications, and you’re supposed to be building to a complete product launch in 9 months, there are some things that can be listed out to be done in the first 30-60-90-days in order to set yourself on the path to success and prosperity. Those are the objectives that you would use in place of sales objectives.


The same types of communications happen in many kinds of jobs – just not necessarily with customers. Instead of meeting with outside customers (as in sales), you might have more internal meetings, or you might be meeting with external vendors. For example, if you’re an events coordinator, you’re going to have to go on sites, request and review bids, share those with the sales staff perhaps, and have a plan for what needs to be done when.

Other possibilities for objectives to include in your 30-60-90-day plan: training, site visits, or learning company systems. There are many ways to tailor a 30-60-90-day plan to whatever job you’re interviewing for. Also, learning enough about the job to put one together will be helpful to you when you ask your own questions in the interview, because you’ll start off with more information than the average candidate.

The point to keep in mind is: Creating a 30-60-90-day plan shows initiative, preparation, written communication skills, and that you’re interested enough in this job to have done your homework. That’s always impressive to hiring managers.

How to Plan the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy For 2016


 “Social & digital media is a bullet train, and that bullet train is not coming home.” ~ Chairman, CEO, Starbucks


So, you have built a robust product, have been able to generate substantial amount of leads thanks to referrals and word-of-mouth marketing and you have a loyal customer base! What next? Let’s tell you one thing; if you are not employing digital marketing, you are missing out on a huge chunk of the market. Here’s proof:

  • 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form. – Aberdeen

  • 38% marketers plan to shift spend from traditional advertising to digital advertising. – SalesForce

  • You lose 97% of leads on leaky landing pages. – WordStream 

  • 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. – Marissapick

So, why is Digital Marketing so vital?

  • Reach out to a larger audience with personalized messages.

  • Attain more customer engagement through various social media & digital channels.

  • Along with gaining additional credibility & trust through loyal fan followers on social sites, you also get organic footfall on websites, blogs etc.

  • Digital media is economical and has a wider reach when compared to traditional B2B marketing. An e-mail transmits the same message as a TV or newspaper ad that has a shorter shelf life.

  • Easily track ROI with wide range of analytics and data.


Here are 5 Digital Marketing Management fundamentals that small businesses should keep in mind:

  1. Understanding your target market

To begin with, knowing your audience is the key to your success. Here’s how to go about it:

  • What’s your USP? Roll out all benefits 1st & then list out the problems your product/service solves.


    Try to figure out who are the people who’ll face those problems, thus may need your product.

  • Invest in a CRM software to identify customer demographics and patters.

  • Identify your competition and observe their successes/failures. Why are you different?


  1. Picking the right digital marketing channel

  • Email marketing

  • Pay-per-click ads (PPC)

  • Content Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest

  • Display ads

  • Online Public relations


  1. Developing an effective marketing plan


  • Point out specific activities you plan to assume and targets you want to achieve

  • Identify which activity is targeted to which audience – motivations & pain points

  • How will you measure your conversions


  1. Delivering the right message to your audience

For a concrete content marketing plan…

  • Comprehend why are you creating the particular content piece?

  • Develop customer personas to map the content to the buyer

  • Conduct hands on industry research to get insights

  • Flesh out SEO friendly content for various digital channels


  1. Advertising on Social Media…WHY?


  • Highly advanced targeting, brand recognition & loyalty

  • Extremely efficient conversion tracking with higher inbound traffic

  • Mobile marketing dominant

Business Administration Training Includes Knowledge for Several Areas of The Industry


Depending on the area in which they work, Business Administration professionals may be responsible for, according to All Business Schools: establishing and carrying out departmental or organizational goals, policies and procedures; directing and overseeing an organization’s financial and budgetary activities; managing general activities related to making products and providing services; innovating by applying new technologies in the workplace; consulting with other executives, staff and board members about operations; negotiating or approving contracts and agreements; appointing department heads and managers; analyzing financial statements, sales reports and other performance indicators; and identifying places to cut costs and to improve performance, policies and programs.

Those who complete the business administration college at Centennial College have the know-how to enter a range of business areas including personnel management, general administration, sales, purchasing, accounting and finance, general and public administration and small business or franchise management.

This prep is achieved through two years of training that highlights sound theoretical grounding, critical thinking and analysis, rigorous problem solving, effective business presentations, relevance and application to the world of business management. In terms of specific business topics covered, this program connects everything to managerial tasks and includes finance and accounting, management information systems, general management leadership, operations management, human resources management, marketing, international business, entrepreneurship, supply chain management and project management.


Despite the theoretical nature of the field for which they are training, students will enjoy ample practicalapplication of their knowledge. Led by professors with strong academic backgrounds and extensive business and management experience, students complete case analyses and directed research; learn software common in the industry through by in- classroom and out-of-classroom, self-directed training; work on team projects and even learn the management practices of leading companies in the world.

While students with a Business Administration diploma are ready to launch careers, Centennial College recognizes that some graduates may want to further their education. As such, they have set up partnerships with selected universities, institutes and professional associations. These collaborative efforts allow graduates to apply academic credit towards further study and include Algoma University, Athabasca University, Lakehead University, Laurentian University, Nipissing University, Royal Roads University, Ryerson University, University of Lethbridge, University of New Brunswick and University of Windsor.

Applicants who wish to attend this Business Administration college program must have completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older); English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent or take the Centennial College English Skills Assessment for Admission; and Mathematics Grade 11 or 12 C, M or U, or equivalent or take a Centennial College Math Skills Assessment for Admission.

How to Create a B2B Marketing Plan that Drives Results


B 2 B marketing is one of the most refined layers of corporate interaction. When business houses conduct business  with other business houses, the professional term to describe it would be b2b marketing. When analyzed from the perspective of a branch of business development, b2b marketing requires special strategies and is significantly different from b2c marketing. When a business is targeting a generic group of customers who are individuals, then the approach towards marketing is more robust and dynamic. The usage of strong visual and textual content is quite common and the primary objective of such advertising campaigns, is to catch the attention of the customers and influence them straightaway. However b2b marketing would be a disaster with such loud and robust promotional messages. The approach should be highly refined and should be able to address the expectations of the client through robust customization.


B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B Marketing strategies are framed from the view point of clients who are looking forward to meaningful business elucidations through top class services or high end products. To meet the expectations of one client, the reciprocal company must market his product or service in a very refined manner. This refinement would add value to the marketing strategy, and quickly generate results in the form of proper leads generation. When such leads get converted to clients, then it would get counted as a successful marketing strategy. Marketing is an art which requires, planning, execution, justification and propagation.

 business to business marketing

The art of marketing:

1) Enhance the volume of instances created to woo customers through the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel is a complete mapping of the customer generation network, starting from brand awareness>consideration>Intent>Purchase>Loyalty>Advocacy


When, more and more inputs is being given to the starting point of the funnel, then chances are high that the end points of advocacy and loyalty would be having higher figures. This is one of the methods of easy customer conversion.

2) Website Optimization is indeed one of the most effective tools for effective b2b marketing.Business to business marketing is not a challenge if the right strategies are put in place at the right point of time. Website optimization would automatically drive a lot of direct traffic towards a business website possibly from targeted customers.

3) Social Media Marketing has emerged as a very effective tools to attract customers towards a particular business profile. Social media is a two way channel of communication for clients and businesses. For b2b marketing, social media platforms can play an important role in terms of pre sales and post sales client engagements. Such interactions help in convincing clients who are looking for a select customer base to sell a particular product or service.

4) Produce original and highly accurate content which conveys a lot of information, to the targeted audience in the form of visual as well as textual content. The right content helps in creating long lasting professional b2b business relationships. Videomarketing is another effective way of communicating with the targeted audience.

5) Press Release Marketing is another easy and yet highly effective way of marketing a particular product or service in the most effective manner. Today press release directories are being accessed by business development teams of major corporations. They do an extensive research and come up with prospective partners or vendors who would be partnering to add to meaningful revenue addition to the business on the whole. The entire idea behind b2b marketing is to create a reciprocal business channel, which would be help in constant business addition.

Best Business and Product Promotion Through Internet Marketing and Web Design


When people have a new business or a service they need to employ latest tools and marketing procedures in order to achieve high business sales and business growth. Even in cases of an existing old business venture best promotional techniques and steps need to be employed in order to survive in a highly competitive business arena.

People can promote their business products and services by word of mouth to some extent but in order to achieve higher growth and sales figures they need to use internet assisted services. People need to engage a company involved in professional website design in Philadelphia in order to promote their products and business on profitable lines. Costs involved in website development need to be worked out in advance to engaging a web designer company services. People should have full clarity about their particular business and work genuinely for customer satisfaction in addition to promoting their own business interests through latest web designing techniques.

Creating a web page incorporating the company history, management profile, available facilities, range of products and services, staff information, work culture and different company packages and prices of company products and services will help in fast business promotion. And also if the business website is well placed with high visitor numbers on account of specific placement with leading web page search engines a business is bound to grow very fast.  


Since all the primitive procedures of business promotion are slow in generating prospective business in the shortest time frame, people need to use latest Internet Marketing Services Philadelphia.It is well known that whatever is promoted through net is bound to fetch high visibility and viewership on account of a somewhat internet based world. People can promote their business by linking their websites with the most regularly viewed search engines. This will help their business or service get higher visitor flow and increase their chances of product and service promotion manifolds. Internet marketing is the fastest medium of business and product promotion whether it is a new venture or a well-established business.

No business can survive without net marketing steps and procedures on account of cut throat competition these days. People need to use internet marketing services to the fullest, as it is one of the cheapest medium, for fast product and business promotion. So the best way to promote a product or service is to create a web page and promote it through leading web search engines.  


Advantages of pursuing bba logistics management


Have sharp business acumen and want to excel in the logistics of the same? If your answer is YES, you are at the right place. The logistics and supply chain industry is growing rapidly in India and the best way to enhance your knowledge about the logistics behind any business is to pursue a degree in the discipline. 

What is BBA Logistics Management?

This business study stream is meant for people who want to specialise in the logistics andsupply chain management aspect of business. The program enables you to study these areas of business in depth and develop skills required in marketing. The program also helps the students possess flexibility in choosing their career paths. 

Why study BBA Logistics Management from UPES?

While, there are many universities in the education sectors which can provide you a BBA degree in Logistics management but pursuing the course from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun, has its own share of advantages and provides you an edge over all the other universities. 

As a part of BBA in Logistics Management program at UPES, you have to select a major stream and an elective stream.  The subjects for the elective stream include marketing, business management, accounting, and operations management or business information systems. The idea behind providing an elective stream to the students is that it helps them study and develop skills in depth and enhance their overall knowledge about marketing. Besides learning about various aspects of logistics management, the students are also provided with the knowledge of supply chain management. If you pursue BBA LogisticsManagement at UPES, a major dissertation will be a part of the curriculum and the option to specialise in retail logistics manufacturing logistics is also given to the students.




UPES also provides great placement opportunities to its students. Currently, the students are interning at reputed organisations like Flame Logistics, DARCL Logistics Ltd. and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. 

What they say about UPES?

To be successful it is not only important to learn the skills but also be able to apply them in the professional world. The students who have been associated with UPES are proud to be a part of the University. Talking about their experience at the University, they say that the internships have helped them apply their knowledge in the field and gain a practical experience. The students believe that the course provides them an all-round development and also develops the skill-set required to excel in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

 So, go ahead and be a part of UPES, Dehradun, to make your dreams come true and have a successful career ahead. 

8 Strategies to Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan


8 Strategies to Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan


Part 1: Design of page

1) Profiles to be completely filled

2) About section to be updated with summary of services. May include links to services if available.

3) Header/ Timeline images to be updated. Preferably a collage showcasing services. May also include certification logos.

4) Since ‘high value’ visitors will be prospective clients, the timeline image/about section should convey the appropriate services you offer so as to capture the interest of the visitor.

5) Consistent visual aspects of the timeline images of the different social media are preferable because it will convey cohesiveness.

6) Activate timeline CTA on Facebook Page to “Contact Us”, “Watch Video“, etc.

7) Add photos/videos and reviews. Request clients to add reviews on the page.


Part 2: Competitor Activity

 1) Investigate what activities are on competitor’s social media pages.

2) Take best practices from competitor pages and implement strategies accordingly.


Part 3: Posting Strategy:

 1) Content to showcase you as an expert in your field

2) Portfolio examples and success stories to be shared.

3) Post content – Preferably include visual content E.g. Text with stock image / Custom infographic which generates more engagement than plain text posts. Videos should be used if available.

4) Include trending hashtags (using tools like trendsmap) and relevant hashtags for better reach.  

5) Follow relevant hashtag feeds like #smm to identify potential companies requiring services you can offer

6) Posts to also include a CTA and relevant link to website as far as possible

7) For the purpose of variety, industry updates/news relevant to the functions and links to permitted 3rd party websites be shared. Variety updates can be in the ratio of 1 in 5.


8) Can also retweet/repin/share relevant social media updates

9) Respond to communication received over social media.

10) Share website articles using social sharing buttons. Include blog articles in LinkedIn Pulse.


Part 4: Posting Frequency:

 1) Frequency may be impacted by content/updates available. At this time, recommended frequencies are:

2) Facebook: 2 times a day

3) LinkedIn: 1 time a day

4) Twitter: 3 times a day

5) Google+: 3 times a day


Part 5: Social Media Search:

 1) Identify search themes and about 20 keywords to consistently search social media with. E.g. search can be conducted to identify potential clients using keywords like “social media marketing companies” etc. and filter for specific countries/industries etc.

2) Finalize most effective search keywords per function

3) Connect to prospective clients thru social media.

4) Use a high converting email to message to prospect the advantages of our services.


Part 6: Periodic Analysis

 1) Use tools such as Facebook insights to measure engagement and obtain feedback on better performing posts. E.g. Page likes, Post Reach & Engagement (Likes/Comments/Shares) can be measured and per analysis trends can be obtained to generate sufficient feedback on what posts perform better.

2) Check Google Analytics to judge social activity

3) Reassess strategy based on periodic feedback every 15 days.


Part 7: Automation

 1) Tools such as Buffer & Hootsuite can be used to create/schedule posts in advance for multiple social media.

2) Free and Paid versions available. To begin with you can use the free version.


Part 8: Sponsored Ads

 1) Advertising campaigns for website clicks/conversions/remarketing/ post promotions/page likes etc. can be implemented post 1 month based on feedback on social activity and estimation of expected returns.

The World Is Full Of Innovators And Business Makers With Great Business Ideas


If you have path breaking idea which can get in lot of revenues and attract more and more consumers then you can easily get an investors for small business to start off with.

World is filled with entrepreneurship

The way everyone lives their life itself is more than a business management. You’re day to day planning and management of monthly financial account is a similar example to run a business. Hence there is nothing great out of the world is required to start a business. The only thing required today is a great business ideas and to find business investors who can invest on your idea.

Have ideas they you can reach an investor easily

A radical approach to think a new things and an out of box attitude can easily find you a business model. Now is the right time to start innovating and find investors to succeed in business. This is because of the fact that internet has changed the world and crowd funding through internet has made investing in business more easy and fast.

The internet offers experts’ advice on crowd funding and great business ideas

Are you a starter in the field of thinking about business and innovating the world with your best small business ideas? Are you afraid to start? Do you have no guidance on where to begin? Do we feel alone? Then don’t worry, there are many communities in the online website who can guide you on this. You can share your query with them and they come back with solid answers for your queries. The experts on business can help you in finding the best investors and can guide you on the safe and concrete ways in which you can make your ideas sustainable and profitable.


Experts’ advice are more strategic oriented and can lead you to success

By connecting with the experts on business management you can really connect your business ideas to real time implementation plan. It is not that all great business ideas can succeed without any solid implementation plan. The experts can give you tips and know how on how best you can plan your operational metrics to get the maximum success on your business ideas. The beauty about engaging a business expert is that they can tell you what will really work in the field of business and what kind of model can attract and Find Business Investors.

Starting a business with team has the opportunity to succeed more than an individual business model. Though the idea of a business might be a person’s but in order to grow the idea to a strong business model you need to build a team. Investors always don’t invest in businesses which have future potential they also look into the strength of the team before investing. Teamwork can succeed more than individual contribution. So if you have an idea, then form your team and you will get an investor easily.

Design A Social Media Marketing Plan With These 7 Sets Of Guidelines


How To Design A Social Media Marketing Plan With These 7 Sets Of Guidelines

I received feedback and questions from readers on the nitty-gritty details behind the 3 essential social media advice. Thanks to them, it got me thinking about creating a social mediamarketing plan. Now, such a plan would be customized differently for each individual and company. It could be dynamically updated from time to time, and so this blog post only sets out to raise the guideline questions that will help you formulate your own social media marketing plan.

1. Define types of conversion goals

A famous goal-setting axiom by Stephen Covey goes to say that we must “begin with an end in mind”. In social media context, your fans and followers can have one or more reactions to each of your postings:

a. ‘like’ a post
b. share/retweet a post
c. leave a comment
d. directly message you
e. click through your destination URL in the post

Sometimes the way you craft your post may get your readers to take action on their own, but to encourage engagement, you can regularly prod them with instructions like “Please share this post to your friends. I’m sure they will find it interesting,” or “Please like this. Thanks!” or “To learn more details, please click the link to the next page.”

Knowing what your conversion goals will turn out to be for most of your social media posts will help you determine how you are going to craft them, what content formats would be suitable (see below) and how you are going to mix up the various content on a weekly basis.

2. Define S.M.A.R.T. metric goals

By definition, S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

a. Specific: Visits, leads or customers
b. Measurable: Provide a number
c. Attainable: Understand benchmarks
d. Relevant: Relates back to overall end goal
e. Timely: Include timeframe

A S.M.A.R.T. goal statement: “Increase _____ by _____ ( starting at this amount _____ and go to this amount _____ per ____ ) by this date _____.”


a. “Increase number of new facebook fans from 156 in January to 250 in Febrary.”
b. “Increase 15% engagement rate with Instagram followers by end of February. Write to 5 more new followers every week.”

3. Identify target audience

As someone in business, you should already know your main prospect demographic–the people most likely to purchase from you, so you begin with identifying the followers whom you are going to increase engagement with and provide more personal attention to.

Criteria for identification include geographical location, occupation, which social networks they frequent on, gender, marital status etc. Of course, if you have a detailed buyer personaprofile to work with, referencing it will make the work easier.


4. Identify content types and formats

Some suggestions:

Format: short text (one- or two-liners), a 600 x 400 graphic, an infographic, video link, website link
Type: questions or quiz, invite followers to share experiences, product/problem feature, news, trends, quotes
Tone: serious, funny, informative, reflective, inspirational, educational

Lastly, the content to be published must align intrinsically with an overarching or defining business theme so that your social business page can project a certain gravity, cohesiveness or consistency that gets readers understand your positioning, knowledge and expertise.

Theme: lead generation, social media, landing page design etc.
Topics: main topic, weekly sub-topics

5. Identify actions and strategies

a. What content to publish throughout the week?
b. Who is responsible for various social media roles e.g. publishing, engagement, graphic design, content research, paid advertising etc.?
c. Datelines?
d. How much budget to set aside for paid social media promotion?

6. Editorial calendar

You do not have to design an editorial calendar from scratch. Google “social media editorial calendar” and you should find some in various designs. Customize them to fit your needs. At the very least, a calendar should have the following features:

a. Social media channel (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram)
b. Post
c. Format
d. Date
e. Staff responsible

Most likely the calendar is designed in an Excel spreadsheet. Create new tabs for each month. Plan out the content to be published for one full month in advance.

7. Analyze results

The major social networks have their built-in analytics with which you can analyze the click-through or engagement performance of your posts. Discern which topics work best for you and perhaps you may consider focusing on these topics more often. Did certain types or formats of content get more shares or ‘likes’ than others? Which days of the week get the most readers? Which social networks do you find the most comments or engagement on your posts? These are questions you can ask to help you improve your social media marketing efforts.

As another saying goes, “Fail to plan and you plan to fail.” Having a social media marketingplan is better than none as it helps you to think ahead creatively what content to publish regularly so that you can extend your online reach to attract more fans and followers to your cause.

Essential Services to Succeed in Online Business


Traditional marketing will cease to exist in future. With growth of internet, people are using internet in enquiring and purchasing essential products in market. This is because it is really easy to buy essential products through online site than going to physical stores in market. It is the prime reason people are using online marketing in getting the essential products from market. Companies are joining in online businesses to achieve more traffic and achieve success in marketing. Though, it is an effective way of increasing traffic and sales of products but requires special services during online marketing. This is why marketing experts need to be hired by businesses willing to achieve success in marketing quickly. It is never easy for companies to achieve success in online marketing due to stiff competition among companies. Special services and strategies are required by businesses willing to outplay others in marketing. Let us look at important services required by online business to succeed quickly.

Million of companies are joining in online businesses every year from different regions. Though, it is really easy to join online business but really hard work to achieve success in marketing. Special efforts and services are required by the businesses to gain success in marketing. Special quality strategies are required by businesses willing to achieve success in marketing immediately. Apart from that, special strategies are required by companies to achieve success. Online marketing company offers marketing experts that formulates strategies or plan to success in marketing immediately. But, it is essential for businesses to hire experts after observing qualities essential for delivering success. Otherwise, it would be simply waste of money and time for businesses without getting desired services. Experiencedmarketing experts are good and ideal for achieving success in marketing immediately.


Website is used as platform for promoting products/services online. Potential customers love to land on advanced website delivering genuine services that are essential for them. This is why good quality websites are required by the businesses to promote products nicely to potential customers. Design need to be alluring containing advanced features to attract customers. Website design services should be taken to get desired quality website from experts. Research the market to find out preference of consumers to add in website design and engages consumers. A good designed website not only allures consumers but helps in increasing conversion. This is why expert designers need to be employed in creating desired sites to achieve success in marketing.

Creating an attractive website is not enough for businesses to achieve success in marketing. The website needs to be ranked higher in search result among thousands of similar sites to get more traffic and sales. Top ranked sites more credibility, engagement and visibility among potential customers in the market. This is why every website is trying hard to increase ranking in search result to achieve benefits increasing the sale of products. SEO services need to be taken from expert to optimize site and create signal for increasing ranking in search result. It has become an important service for companies willing to achieve success in online marketing quickly. Take help of our marketing expert to deliver success in marketing at affordable price. 

The Christian Entrepreneur Business Plan


The blueprint for a secular business may not include the same inspiration or intent as a Christian business plan. However, a business plan is important to the successful operation of any business. The Christian entrepreneur has to have the same knowledge of basic businessprincipals as a secular business owner. However, the partnerships are very different.

Acquiring an education of basic business principals important to the day-to-day operation of the business. The education in the realm of Christian business principals will empower you to obtain financial independence. You will discover within the pages of the Bible, every resource needed to expand and explode your business profits.

By following the teachings of Jesus, your business can reap all the benefits that you envision for this endeavor. Do not follow or listen to the philosophy that God wants Christians to be poor. This is not the truth that the Bible teaches.

There are many misconceptions concerning the role of wealth in the life of Christians that are received as absolute truth. Do not allow these misconceptions keep you from reaching a high level of success in your business. There are some principals that Christian businesses must follow to receive the blessings of God.

An important part of gaining prosperity or riches is that to continue receiving the blessings of God, the Christian business must also fulfill their commitment by tithing. Some Christian businesses will give lip service to their Christian beliefs until it comes to the actual giving of money.


They will praise the Lord with their mouths but not with their pocket books. When you decide to follow the success principals of the Bible in their unaltered form to acquire abundance, then generosity of spirit in the way of tithing is a major requirement.

Pray about the business and ask God for guidance in selecting and running your business. Ecclesiastes 5:2 (paraphrased) . When you hear the voice of god and obey his voice there are vast benefits awaiting you. Deuteronomy 28:1-14 offers an amazing picture of what God has in store for you when you hear and obey His voice.

Your business and your life will be blessed when God is your partner. The Bible has a clear outline for your life. How much can you accomplish with a clear plan for your life? You will accomplish great things when you embrace the truth of the scriptures for your business venture. There is a surplus in the Kingdom of God. As a result of your partnership with God, you will have freedom from debt. God will show you ways to innovate your business by creating new streams of revenue.

The priests of the Old Testament were millionaires. The priestly tribe of Levi did not share in the abundance that the Promised Land provided. During the reign of Joshua, these priests prospered as a result of the tithe that they received from the children of Egypt. (Joshua 18:7; Numbers 18:21; and Numbers:18:26 .)
There is no benefit in being mediocre. God expects greatness.

Leading An Online Business


An online venture, in most cases, is not a one-man show and needs to be backed by a decent mix of technology, experience, expertise, talent, commitment and leadership to overcome startup trouble and survival challenges. Let’s take a look at what it takes to run an online business in the highly competitive virtual marketplace.

1 Identify and fulfill the need

Entering the marketplace with a unique offering is a great way to get noticed. With a well-designed company website in place, an online business can sell leads and backlinks, in addition to offering products or services that address a niche demand.

Leads are, in fact, personal recommendations offered to people who visit a website. For example, an online firm dealing in cosmetics can recommend a spa or beauty salon to people who visit the company’s site, in exchange for a commission on each such recommendation. Leads are usually offered once the visitor shares his/her contact information. The online business stands to make money on such leads, while also being able to tap the visitors’contact details for further promotional activities.

Backlinks, on the other hand, are links that are directed towards a given website from other sites. These in-bound links to a website play an important role in determining the rank or position of a website on the search engine result pages. Online businesses can either choose to serve as an intermediate, matching buyers and sellers of backlinks, or buy up reputed websites and sell backlinks from them. Either way, this requires a very careful understanding of Google’s ever-evolving ‘search engine’ ranking algorithms, to be successful.

2 Get The Right People On Board

Depending on the type of online business, it definitely is important to have talented people to man different roles. An experienced programmer can help design and host an impressive, functional and user-friendly website and ensure it is accessible 24×7, while the services of a copywriter will come in handy to churn out relevant, interesting details for the website. An online marketing expert plays a pivotal role in getting the attention of potential clients, building and managing the reputation of the business, and keeping the buzz active across social media networks. Companies who can afford the services of a dedicated social media expert or an SEO professional will definitely have a competitive edge.


3 Assess and Manage Risks Proactively

Fluctuating markets, heavy competition, volatile technology, young and ambitious employees influenced by attractive high remunerations and newer technologies and, hence, high rates of attrition are but a few risks that online ventures must be prepared to survive.

4 Adopt The Right Leadership Style

A good leader stays ahead of the team, is experienced, and knows how to put all the important parts together without creating any friction. A flat reporting hierarchy does away with the red tape and the delays that entail, while promoting a great working rapport amidst the team. The right mix of work and leisure is the key to success. While it is quite important to conduct regular official meetings to assess progress, address problems and brainstorm new concepts, team outings and events can prove effective stress-busters and promote camaraderie.

Leading an online business is not only about the company’s offerings, but rather how they are marketed and presented to potential clients. Even the best of products or services may go unnoticed without social media promotions, link-building and other suitable online marketing efforts.

Hire Top Consultancy Companies for Smooth Functioning of Your Business


Why would you hire top consultancy companies for your business? For one, it is preferable to hiring a host of key personnel, each an expert in his own field as the financial outgo insalaries will be quite high, something that a small business or start-up cannot afford. Consultants on the other hand have overall knowledge of every aspect of business and offer their valuable guidance at reasonable charges. Further, external consults are like fresh air, they provide new perspectives and new directions and this is very helpful when businesses do not grow at required rates and face stagnation. Even large businesses hire topconsultancy companies to boost their business development.


Consultants offer a host of services which can broadly be categorised as –

• Advisory Services – Consultants adopt strategies that results in business expansion. This includes maximising allocation of resources to optimise ROI, launching new products and fixing prices, planning for high growth and increasing profitability through increasing revenue. Setting up a business model that can take care of all future challenges and structuring abusiness plan that forms the foundation for all business operations are all part of business advisory services.

• Business Health Check – Periodical check and evaluation of plans and current state of affairs of the business is crucial. However, small businesses and start-ups do not have in-house professional expertise for carrying put this exercise. Consultants from top consultancycompanies will study your business strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations that can maximise allotment of cash resources and review financial position and cash flow. They will also study whether budgetary allocations are being met and if all statutory requirements are being followed.


• Business Planning – At the base of any stable business is a sound business strategy without which it will be like a ship without a rudder. Consultants provide direction and customise solutions based on unique characteristics of the industry the business is related to. This gives an edge over your competitors as the business plan prepares you for all challenges. The all important pricing aspect is factored into thebusiness plan taking into account market conditions. Wrong pricing can totally mar sales of your product. Setting up Key Performance Indicators and financial forecasting are all important components of any business plan.

When you hire one of the top consultancy companies to steer your business, optimisation of returns on investment will far outweigh the expenses incurred by you as their remuneration and fees.

What could be the best CRM for small business in India?


It requires earnest efforts to run a small business. Anyone who is running a small business comes across umpteen challenges. The competition is cut throat as every firm definitely has the same dream of reaching the pinnacle. Anyone who is exercising a small business has to break the back for the survival. Moreover, not all are ready to take the business to the average flow. In such circumstances, there is stern essence of forming good relations with the customer. This is pertinent to note that the best care of the customer will help boost your business. Thus customer care relations are essential for the betterment of the firm. The best CRM for small business in India is the ideal thing, which leads the company to proliferate. It delivers the requisite support to the firm as in the initial phase of its life it is not that stable with the finances. Thus, it requires something which could give it the positive and loyal sign for the future. In this case, the CRM is the exceptional thing which gives the helping hand. It builds the strong ladder between the customer and the firm so as to assist the firm to perform best in the future.

A proper CRM system helps you to be in constant touch with your customers. It takes care of your current and potential customers. It acts as the backbone to the firm, which at times of crisis does not let the firm fall apart. For small scale business, it plays the imperative part. It delivers the optimal support to them and helps them to grow ideally. Its service does not only rest to providing the maximal opportunities but also provide the word of mouth publicity. It kind of promotes the firm at various podiums. Till your firm registers in the good books of the masses, it assists your firm, vehemently. The best CRM for small business in India has been the tool that ideally connects with the masses and delivers them the required support for their betterment. It gives its assistance for the long lasting period and helps the firm to attain the high repute in the market. Most of the small scale companies in India are riding high on the success owing to this success formula. This type of management helps them to gain much in the market. It delivers them their desired result in terms of the popularity and helps them to meet all types of the minor essences.

Unlike a full blown CRM system which survives on the computational and adequate manpower for its operation, the CRM for small business is manufactured on the facet that the user base is absent with the above two resources. Beyond doubt the small business CRM system imparts all the advantages of a complete CRM package without asking for the required demands. To become more accessible and better integrated, most of the small business CRM systems harness the power of the internet. The customer service and the business development teams can access the system devoid of the investment of a lot of money. Moreover, CRM for Small Business is a much cheaper deal even in the long run. The best CRM for small business in India is the ideal key that has worked for the small term business to make it big in the market. It has delivered the required support for their betterment. For sure, the small business CRM system will cost you more than a few thousand dollars but it is utterly beneficial for your firm. It serves your firm with the requisite features. CRM for small businesses is undoubtedly the sane investment. In brief, it is key ingredient which plays the important part in turning a small business into a successful business.

Importance of Hiring the Best and Most Professional Business Lawyers


People running a business whether small or large always require professional help in case of problems associated with a business on a day to day basis. Most matters relating to litigation are solved by the most professional lawyers on a regular basis. Litigations in matters associated with real estate property might arise from time to time in the corporate world and need professional assistance. In many instances matters relating to settling long pending cases relating to staff issues also require professional help. Many times hitches or hindrances might arise for a business and require it to go for a legal advice to reach out at the most amicable solutions. Business Lawyers in Miami through their most professional approachhave assisted businessmen in arriving at the best solutions whenever the need arises. Solving most of the pending court cases well in time by bringing disputing business parties to a reconciliation table has increased demand for such lawyers. For big corporate houses a professional lawyer helps in solving problems between labor commissions and management. Any kind of guidance relating to project expansion or setting up new projects in new areas always requires guidance from Miami lawyers. Also in order to be well aware about various government notifications for businesses and their legal angle a lawyer needs to be hired.



Florida Business Lawyers work round the clock for assisting some of the big corporatebusiness houses in solving matters relating to business development and growth. Most of the times while running a business some litigation might arise on account of some business rival interference. All this is solved professionally by a business lawyer. These lawyers also assist upcoming businesses in studying business laws and their pros and cons. In cases whereapprovals from government are required by a business house theses business lawyers assist in bridging the gap. All matters relating to problems and issues arising in business on account of pending bill clearances for delivered goods and services require theregular business lawyer assistance. These lawyers can even fight long drawn litigations for securing interests of their client businesses. Wills and licensing matters of a business might in one way or the other require professional lawyer help. So in a way business lawyers have come up as a great help for any upcoming business through their important guidance and legal support.

Business lawyers have played an important and decisive role in solving long pending land and other property related legal disputes between many business houses. Thus the support and guidance of these business lawyers help a business run smoothly.

Where Can You Understand The True Essence Of Management Studies?


When global society was fighting heavy odds to survive the recession, progress in the educational sector became pretty stagnant. But, as markets showed steady signs of improvement, it became quite evident that business management studies have emerged as the favorites for career-minded people. Most youngsters are opting to pursue business management training courses to secure their future before the market gets inundated with lucrative employment opportunities.

When you discuss about business management studies, its scope and the institutes where you can pursue a course in management education – you get to understand that MBA colleges in Kolkata have always been premiere management institutions in the country. These colleges have consolidated their position as ‘Center of Excellence’ through consistent dedication in teaching the essence of management education. Huge popularity of Kolkata B-schools can be easily figured when we see large number of foreign students taking admissionin these institutes – and the number keeps on increasing each year!

Kolkata is the business hub of eastern India (including all north-eastern states), and the city is largely known for its rich human capital. As demand for skilled professionals increased, MBA institutes situated in Kolkata became popular destinations for management aspirants all over India. With business management studies becoming popular in Kolkata, the RPG Group is most likely to make an entry in the education sector. They have in-progress plans for setting up B-schools in the city for providing quality management education. If you believe in statistical data, you would surely understand that MBA colleges in Kolkata have produced more successful corporate professionals than other MBA institutes located elsewhere in India.

Why choose MBA colleges in Kolkata for pursuing business management trainingcourses

  • Management institutes in Kolkata aim to establish a fresh direction for systematic management education. This ensures that most Kolkata B-schools develop innovative teaching methodology for helping students understand the ethics of managerial functioning.
  • Most Kolkata B-schools conduct various symposiums, business conferences, management quiz, and workshops for building leadership qualities in future managers. These also prove to be useful in helping students realize how they are expected to conduct in a typical corporate environment.
  • Best part of studying in MBA colleges (Kolkata) is experiencing their uniform focus to every aspiring student from all strata of the society. Each MBA institute in Kolkata has understood that in the age of educational progress, it’s necessary to accept one and all irrespective of their academic and professional competency.
  • Faculty at MBA colleges in Kolkata is a unique mixture of – core faculty, visiting instructors, and guest lecturers. All faculty members are highly experienced academicians or top-notch business leaders, entrepreneurs, and management gurus.
  • All MBA institutes in Kolkata put placements of students at the forefront of their activities. Each college has an efficient ‘Placement Committee’ which looks after recruitment procedures and ensures that every student finds employment with good business houses.

Talking about MBA colleges in Kolkata, iLEAD (Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship & Development) has recorded exceptional contribution in the field of business management studies. To know more about courses and placements, come to iLEAD today!

How to Implement Effective Online Marketing Plan?


If you are planning to create a marketing plan, nothing could be difficult. It is better to go with an easy method. Here, you can go through a marketing plan that will allow you to achieve your goals for a wider reach at a quicker pace and that’s too in pocket friendly budget.

In order to produce a marketing plan that can find your products and services in front of thousands of eyes, there are some elements that are important to consider beforehand.

• Set considerable goals. For example it might be that you wish 500 unique visitors every day to your website or 10 new clients in the upcoming 6 months.

• Put into place a size system for each section. This might be a device such as Google analytics in order to record the results of your online task. For offline tacking, you mightenlarge a process to confine the source of a client such as a client survey.

• Consider what you are receiving so far. What is the main source of your traffic and how you measure them?

• Make use of several approaches of marketing. You may desire to include local media that can as radio or newspaper along with video marketing, online social media, and blogging.

• Consider the fact that every market differ from each other and will consume some time to understand how best to market to your spectators. It is most possible that you will require tweaking and measuring as you go.


• Every component or process will require be tweaking and editing to locate its most powerful and useful account. Plan to divide test each one for best performance.

• Online marketing services with marketing plan should be considered into account the upcoming six months. It would comprise all channels that you desire to market throughout. It would also point the demographics of your clients, innovative products and serious actions for every product and market.

Have a look on some marketing approaches that you might prefer to include in your plan:

• Video marketing
• Social media
• Google AdWords campaign
LinkedIn advertising
• Blog
• Trade shows
• Free seminars

The perfect marketing plan should be developed by brainstorming and then count more information includes particular tasks and dates. Covert each campaign into smaller tasks, give priority to each project and distribute a budget accordingly. Once you are clear about what requirements to be done, then it will be a lot simpler to implement the plan. If you discover it an awe-inspiring task to build a marketing plan, keep in mind to begin small and build it up.

From Strategy To Action: A Checklist For How To Make Your Business Plan Executable


Thinking big isn’t often the problem for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We like to dream and aspire and reach for higher heights. But with this strength, comes a consequential weakness.

The problem is turning our lofty goals into reality. Entrepreneurial people don’t much like the detail, even though we know that our ideas only become reality when our head is in the clouds at the same time that our feet are planted on the ground.

To be successful in business, we need both the big picture and the detailed picture. So to give you a hand at getting through from the big picture to the detailed picture, and thus increasing your chances of success, here’s a checklist to anchor your vision into daily action:

STEP 1: Express Your Lofty Strategy

__ Write a vision statement that inspires you to become something bigger.

__ Write a mission statement that focuses you on the value you bring your customers.

__ List the values that will underpin every decision you make and action you take.

__ Articulate your strategic theme for the coming year, and the goals that support it.

__ Choose a few very powerful KPIs (metrics) to track your goals.

STEP 2: Clarify Your Business Model

__ Describe who your ideal customer is.

__ List the products and services that support your mission and vision.

__ List the core business activities that support your product and service delivery.


__ Create your Operational Budget.

STEP 3: Map Out Your Service Delivery/Sales Plan

__ Quantify the sales and revenue each product and service should make next year.

__ Translate these figures into monthly estimates, for trend monitoring.

STEP 4: Write Your Strategic Project Plans

__ Decide on the most important strategic change projects (ie working ON the business).

__ For each project, articulate its purpose, results, milestones, timeframe and inputs.

__ Create your Strategic Budget.

STEP 5: Create Your Personal Development Plan

__ Ponder what skills and knowledge you’ll need to execute your strategy.

__ Write yourself a personal develop plan, for training, coaching or other learning.

__ Add your personal development to your Strategic Budget.

STEP 6: Set Your Monthly Work Plan

__ Design how each month should look if you were executing your strategy.

__ Draft a monthly work plan to guide how you’ll schedule your time.

STEP 7: Detail Service Delivery and Strategic Project Task Plans

__ For each change project and service delivery process, list the tasks required.

__ Add who, when, how much and how long to each task.

__ You’re ready to execute your strategy!

If you haven’t detailed your action plan for making your big ideas become reality in 2010, now is the perfect time to do it. Don’t start 2010 without knowing what you’ll be doing first day back at work after the Christmas Holidays!

Establish best Business Through Applying the Principle of Securities Trading


Each person is quite interested to establish their own business without taking feet in another country. Hence, he/she has to develop some skills to fight the war of economic slowdown. The trading skill is quite essential for the propagation of a business. Residing in own country, business entrepreneurs are quite interested to expand their business in the overseas country along with own continent. Therefore, an freedom lover and great revenue enthusiastic s an strong chain to those countries, whose business vertical matches with your own business.

They should have to expand their service to more and more time zone, so that processing of their business is going on the consistent way. In this way, income will automatically goes in the account/ bank balance of the new establish business organization. To execute this business in the mange and organized way, there should not be any technical hindrances like legal practice to prove its as the unauthentic, non-privileged and insecure. This business growing obstacle can be solved with security program. The own work initiate person has to grow their business by considering various things at same time like what is the goal of the business and make a connection to those companies, whose goal and strand match to each other. The person must also see Securities trading by dealing in equities, bond, commodities and currencies.

Any person does not take any blunder mistake to apply same principle, that other organizations have been adopted. On doing so, you might be come in the heavy loss. If you take away from this negative point, then you would have to lengthen your search criteria. It is not good to search the best destination to make the entry in prescribed location by itself.

This sort of work is quite daunting  and a bit time consuming as well. Hence, you have to make an online search for resolving your queries in the efficient way.  As you are entering query in the search engine box, you will abound with several outputs. Choosing the best one is your responsibly and  this decision can be done through keeping some points in your mind. If the previous client has satisfied from trading and security facilities, then you can make a trust on the respective organization.

There exists one organization that provides the investment opportunities to the clients and offer intermediary service as well. They are not only promotes products of the client, but also Private wealth service so that novice person manege their monetary value in the efficient way. Apart from this, they are offer foreign exchange services to the client. In this service, they are exchanging currency of  one country to other as each country has adopted specific currency, whose value makes a marginal up and down in the effective way. To know more information, visit their online portal for making registration to them

Goals of a Restaurant Business Plan


This information is good for those who have a desire for starting their own restaurant or bar business. This range consists of someone with substantial business expertise who may have already worked as a supervisor or cook to someone who has absolutely no experience in either food service or bars but yet has always had the dream of becoming the owner of their own place.

This guide is also useful to individuals who have some funds to invest but not enough and even to people which do not have a single cent to invest on their own but do have the prerequisite motivation and drive to see the process through to the conclusion.

The only individuals who the following information can’t help are the ones that are seeking a silver bullet answer or praying to discover a check at the back of the guide already for them. Sadly nothing is quite so easy and if you are only a dreamer and not a doer you will not find much satisfaction from doing nothing more than studying the guide and after that putting it on rack somewhere.

What Your Planning Should Bear in Mind

As you’re going through this process there are numerous things to bear in mind. First and foremost you need to make an effort to be as sincere and as precise as you possibly can with your assessment of yourself in what you want and in what you can do and what resources you really provide for the undertaking.


If you are able to develop a practical picture ofwhere you are beginning from then you’ll be much better suited to fill out the holes and the breaks which exist as part of your situation to ensure that when you go to present your case for funding you are able to produce a total package.

If you’re not authentic about your circumstances and your skills then you’re likely to leave gaps and unanswered questions that may stand in the way of your receiving the money you’re trying to find.

The second point to bear in mind is to be conservative any time revenue and performance estimations are called for and generous where expenses are involved. It is easy to paint a rosy image in writing but this may lead to underfunding and overspending along with a short-lived restaurant business. It really is far better to possess cash left in reserve and sales which are much better than expected when things actually go live.

The third thing to bear in mind is the fact that although planning can sometimes be tedious and at times seem like things are not really happening it is far better to invest time planning that doesn’t cost you money than spend money to find out you ought to have prepared better.

Reliable business solution Cloud QuickBooks hosting


QuickBooks is a real time application that manages accounting operations of an enterprise. The application is a web based and desktop hosted solution which allows customers to operate their organization on their own convenience. The application is a robust solution developed by Intuit to provide easy and simple methods to manage the company commerce. Traditionally bookkeeping and accounting was done manually by accountants and bookkeepers which was troublesome and time consuming task. Sometimes there were major errors occurred in the trading and commerce system while now the application is a software application which means most of the accounting task is managed by the software. There is hardly any manual process of business management in this accounting software QuickBooks therefor users and professionals are organized working with this solution. Organizations working with QuickBooks have become versatile and productive with this system. The automated software application performs all tasks of company trade operations for its clients. Customers or organizations have become more productive with QuickBooks as they have seen vast growth and development for their firm.

QuickBooks application runs on mobile, tablets, laptop or a computer because the software application is compatible solution. Customers have freedom to access the application on any device and they do not need to configure system requirements.  QuickBooks runs easily on any system software and at the same time integrate flawlessly with any other software application system such as Microsoft applications, MAC, UNIX and Linux. With this integration feature, the data processing is easier. Users no longer required manually entering data and delivering accounting management. The application itself integrates with the defined source and access the data easily.  With this feature accounting management task become more accurate and is done quickly. Cloud QuickBooks hosting is online method of hosting the application. The web servers are remote locations of hosting the client data online. The online hosted data on secure servers are accessed by only authorized professionals or users. The data hosted online are encrypted which means only permissible users can read and access. Desktop hosting of QuickBooks is traditional method of accessing the accounting application. This method has more operating cost than cloud as everything is managed by company professionals and owners. The server, data management and processing, security, infrastructure, IT cost and other costs are managed by desktop hosting users while all these things are managed by cloud hosting providers on cloud.


Cloud QuickBooks hosting is cost effective approach with respect to desktop hosting solution. Cloud professional users can pay rentals on subscriptions and get access to web based services to operate their enterprise. This is hassle free company management and offers unlimited benefits. Cloud hosting is anytime; anywhere which means users or professionals have freedom of access, freedom of device and freedom to work anytime, anywhere. Cloud QuickBooks hosting is accessible by multiple users of the firm from any location. Cloud hosting is new technology that offers best security to client data, server management and instant trade updates. All the updates to the application are automatic that gets automatically updated to client system.

Alaina Smith is working with SageNext Infotech as an Accountant. She specially provides consultation to small and medium business regarding efficient Book keeping platforms and Online Tax preparation with Cloud QuickBooks, QuickBooks cloud server and other application hosting solutions.

Improve Your Academic and Professional Learning with Best Business School in India


If you are in the look for the best business schools in India, this article gives an in-depth information about them, their types, courses being offered and a lot more.

A business school is an university-level institution, that provides degrees in business management and administration. Such a school is also otherwise known as school of business, school of management, school of business administration, or colloquially, biz school or B-school. A business school imparts education and teaching related to subjects like administration, accounting, strategy, entrepreneurship, economics, finance, information systems, human resource management, logistics, marketing, organizational behavior, organizational psychology, public relations, research methods, and real-estate, among others.

Business schools in India

Today there is an unprecedented growth and increased demand for management professionals in India. Students or professionals from all walks of life are now very much inclined to pursue their career in professional degree courses. Thanks to the opening of a number of business schools in India, students and professionals who want to develop their academic and professional skills, can enroll themselves in these B-schools and earn the required degree or professional course. Whether one wants to pursue his/her career in marketing, business, management or any other, these professional schools in India offer a range of PGDM and degree programs that pave way for success.

Find the best business schools in India

However, finding a good institute among such a huge number of biz schools in India is a herculean task. While making investment in his/her career, one needs to concentrate the preference ought to be given to the schools or colleges, that have high ranking among the top management schools in the country. The objective of a good institute should be to groom their students for excellence. Some of the best schools in India today, have carved niche among students and professionals looking for quality and hassle-free education. These schools believe that carving a great future, ought to be straight forward and simple. These institutes offer a program that not only empowers students, but also equips them with the wherewithal that will dare them to differ from the others, enlarge their boundaries and help them overcome challenges in the corporate career.


These schools impart the best and quality education to their students, and one needs to understand, that students and professionals in the corporate world should not only be academically good, but also have leadership qualities. These institutes remain focused on creating leadership and professionalism in students. They follow the concept of experiential learning, which is founded on the practical conceptualization of theoretical knowledge. As a result, acquiring education has become interesting, easy and hassle-free for students. There is an excellent and experienced faculty available in these institutes. The teaching staff is highly qualified and has expertise in the subject he/she teaches. Learning through these experienced and expert staffs available in such business schools has made education uncomplicated for students.

Apart from highly skilled faculty and good quality education, these best business schools in India also lay emphasis on bringing the best of the companies for campus recruitment. The placement cell available in these institutes becomes more active when there is final job placement. As a result, with this, careers of students get a kick start since campus recruitment provides a lot of opportunities to choose from. Students having obtained a good job placement from their own college get faster growth for their career.

However, before enrolling through the business schools in India, it is important to read about the feedback posted by their previous and existing students. With this, you will be able to find one of the best business schools in India for your academic and professional career ahead.

BBA Distance Education for Distance Mode Aspirant Students


BBA Distance Education BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a teaching about management of commerce and business administration. Most of business persons do BBA to apply the concepts and policies on to their business and some do to establish their career in the business industries.

Duration: BBA distance education is a 3-year degree program.

Eligibility: BBA distance education requires 10+2 in any discipline.

Fee: Fee shall be paid amid Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per semester for BBA distance education.

Career:  One can join as a management trainee, sales executive, entry level position in any corporate or business industries along with allied skills and catching things on your subject. Students can also go for higher study such as MBA (Master of Business Administration).


Ist year:-

  • English II
  • Hindi I
  • Business Management
  • Business Communication
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics

IInd year:-

  • Introduction to Operation Research
  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Production and Materials Management
  • Business Laws
  • Economic and Global Business

IIIrd year:-

  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management Information System
  • Entrepreneurial Development

University: Here is a list provided which proffers courses in BBA distance education:-

  • Periyar University
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • Shobhit University
  • Karnataka State Open University

Affiliation and Validation: All the above universities are affiliated from the university grant commission and valid in all over the world for public and private sector.


A student can apply for higher education in abroad too and for vacant positions in India and outside if students meet the required selection criteria.


  • Institute of Management & Technical Studies (IMTS)

Affiliation and Validation:  Institute of Management & Technical Studies is an autonomous institute which is approved by the state government to offer various long term and short term courses in management, engineering and computer science.

Students will be eligible to apply in any private sector in terms of maching criteria for further study and job as well whether in India or abroad.

Admission Process:  Candidates can straightly apply through online by emailing their 10th and 12th mark sheets along with Identity proof and residence proof and our professional counselors will call you for your admission process.

Students can also send the admission application form via online along with the fee payment via DD or online transaction etc. for their enrolment process for BBA distance education.

For more Information and career counseling student can directly visit to our center as we provide a free career and education counseling to the students.

Exam Method: Students need to follow either the online or offline mode of examinations for

Combat fierce competition of online business with the best Email Marketing Company


If you have your business on the web then none can better understand the fierce competition that makes marketing of services and products tough even in the World Wide Web. Every day it becomes tough to get new customers for your business even though you try hard to advertise your products and services to a huge numbers of prospective customers. Businesses are unable to cope up with traditional ways of advertisements like billboards, newspaper advertisement or TV advertisements.  Stiff market competition and rising cost of advertisements are compelling businesses to look for alternative means of marketing that could yield faster revenues and many online companies have started considering Email Marketing as one of the best alternatives of traditional marketing.

A reputed internet marketing company helps its clients to increase numbers of visitors to the company website and have increase in the conversion rates by incorporating various tactics of Internet Marketing. Out of different tactics for Internet Marketing such as Pay per Click,Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Emails, Email marketing is considered as one of the cheaper and most efficient tactics. Email marketing requires specialized skills so it is better to hire a marketing agency that is specialized in Email Marketing. A business owner would have to decide about the kind of marketing services the business needs before narrowing down of agency list is done. Some of the basic services that an online marketing agency can do for its clients are: provide plan of action as per the business goals, managing the marketing campaign of the business; creating, formatting and producing the emails; increase the email list by doing its optimization; choose the right vendor; deliver emails to all prospective customers; do metric analysis of the email marketing and make changes and optimize it and finally customize and integrate email marketing.


To choose a reliable email marketing company, business owners have to consider certain factors so that they could narrow down their list  and get the most professional and efficient people to work for them. It is better to choose a marketing agency that has prior experience in working for the same business niche as you are into. This will ensure that the marketing agency understand the business model easily and can identify the loopholes of business marketing campaigns. Online reviews, case studies and recommendations about the company must be read minutely so that you get to know about the mode of working and success rate of the agency before you assign your marketing campaign to it.

The effectiveness of email marketing cannot be denied as it has the ability to put the company brand name in the most appropriate and frequently accessed place, customer’s inbox. Through emails, businesses are able to reach huge numbers of clients, both prospective and existing ones, within a short period of time. Customers get to know about new launches, promotional offers, special discounts or any updates in the company website through these periodic emails. As emails can be forwarded very easily, appropriately designed emails can actually help the businesses to have continuous growth in the customer base and boost in revenue earnings. 

Pay Per Click Management: An Outline For Flourishing Online Business Project


Pay per Click Management is among the most effective ways of business marketing. Because of the varied advantages of PPC advertising, online business owners have stick on to this marketing campaign to boost their return on Investment (ROI). Nowadays, PPC ad campaign is regarded as the most profitable venture since it is cost effective computation of giving efficient online prominence to the business websites. In PPC program, trivial amount of money is paid at the host site, when the link is clicked against the search query.
Pay Per Click Management
Various advantages of PPC campaign have seen several emerging pay per click management and service providers. Like in any other online marketing program, PPC needs proper planning and thus professional help is necessary. Therefore, as an online business proprietor, it is suggested that you look for the help of a dedicated PPC expert company that efficiently assist you in advertising your website in the best possible manner.

In PPC account management program, there are quite a lot of points to consider and the key components comprise keyword research, bid management, result tracking and thorough analysis. Therefore, it is quite difficult to manage all these programs by one person, hence online marketing company rendering PPC management services can immensely help in this regard. By keeping a record of the progress, a PPC specialized firm can update you with data of different campaigns. It will help in evaluating the progress of the PPC campaign. Besides, with several efficient strategies, the professionals can help you get the best out of the PPC operation.


Pay per click management services helps you gain a standard ROI. There are various key features in PPC campaigns that are more probable to get unnoticed when you carry out PPC advertising campaigns by yourself. By doing good bid on keywords, applying the changes as required, assessing the progress, a PPC professional helps you obtain the most advantageous ROI, in a regular basis.

The companies devoted to PPC accountmanagement services seek to manage the intricacies of e-marketing with all efficacies. With competitive keyword research and various other operations, a PPC professional can help your site produce substantial amount of traffic.

Given above points are the blueprint to flourishing PPC campaign and to efficiently apply the services, recruiting pay per click management company or internet marketing company is the best thing to do. Correct PPC campaigns will not only improve the visibility of the website, somewhat, help meet the end to end sales necessities in the best possible way.

Starbucks Marketing Plan



Executive Summary…………………………………………………………………………………………………..3 

Market Summary………………………………………………………………………………………………………3

     Target Markets………………………………………………………………………………………………………….3

        Market Demographics………………………………………………………………………………………………..3



Market Needs……………………………………………………………………………………………………………4



Customer Service……………………………………………………………………………………………………….4

Competitive Pricing…………………………………………………………………………………………………….4

Market Forecast…………………………………………………………………………………………………………4

PEST Analysis…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..5

Market Growth………………………………………………………………………………………………………….5

SWOT Analysis…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..5

  1. 1.      Strengths………………………………………………………………………………………………………..5
  2. 2.      Clusters company units……………………………………………………………………………………..5
  3. 3.      Weaknesses…………………………………………………………………………………………………….6
  4. 4.      Opportunities………………………………………………………………………………………………….7
  5. 5.      Threats…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..8


            Services (Company)……………………………………………………………………………………………………9

Keys to Success (Company)………………………………………………………………………………………….9

   Critical Issues…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..10

Marketing Strategy…………………………………………………………………………………………………..11

  1. 1.      Starbucks Mission Statement (Company)……………………………………………………………11
  2. 2.      Environmental Mission Statement (Company)…………………………………………………….11
  3. 3.      Marketing Objectives………………………………………………………………………………………12
  4. 4.      other points of importance to Starbucks…………………………………………………………….12
  5. 5.      Financial Objectives ……………………………………………………………………………………….12
  6. 6.      Target Marketing……………………………………………………………………………………………12
  7. 7.      Store Expansion Strategy…………………………………………………………………………………13
  8. 8.      Positioning…………………………………………………………………………………………………….14
  9. 9.      Marketing Mix……………………………………………………………………………………………….16
  10. 10.  Controls………………………………………………………………………………………………………..19

Marketing Organizations……………………………………………………………………………………………20

Recommendations for Improvement…………………………………………………………………………………….21



Executive Summary

What was once a small coffee shop opened by Gerald Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Ziev Siegl in 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has grown into the number one specialty coffee retailer. With over 10,000 coffee shops in more than 30 countries, of which 4,200 are licensed and franchised and 6,000 are owned, the company’s main objective is to establish Starbucks as the “most recognized and respected brand in the world,” (Moon) .

Currently, Starbucks is relying on retail expansion, product innovation, and service innovation to achieve a long-term goal once set by current chairman Howard Schultz:

 “The idea was to create a chain of coffeehouses that would becomeAmerica’s “third place.” At the time, most Americans had two places in their lives – home and work. But I believed that people needed another place, a place where they could go to relax and enjoy others, or just be by themselves. I envisioned a place that would be separate from home or work, a place that would mean different things to different people,” (Moon).

By working toward this goal, Starbucks wants to open new stores in both new and existing markets, expand theirproduct development process, and cater to customers ‘needs to eventually improve their financial position and dominate market share.

     Market Summary

  • Target Markets

 In the early stages of development for Starbucks, Schultz identified their target market as “affluent, well-educated, white-collar patrons (skewed female) between the ages of 25 and 44,”     (Moon).

Over time, market research teams have recognized the new target market as “younger, less well-educated, and in a lower income bracket than their more established customers,” (Moon).

  • Market Demographics
  • Geographic’s (Moon)

Data from 2002 showed that in the Southeast there was only one store for every 110,000 people. whereas in the Pacific Northwest. There was one store for every 20,000 people. Hence, the company was far from reaching existing markets.

 International plans showed Starbucks was operating in over 30Company-owned stores in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Thailand. Also, 900 licensed stores were operating in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.





  • Demographics


  • Young, affluent, tech-savvy customers (Hoovers) a 1999 estimate showed that 70% of customers were internet users, and today the estimate has exceeded 90% (Hoovers).
  • Moms with strollers (Hoovers)
  • People combining work and a coffee break (Hoovers)
  • The most frequent customer’s average 18 visits per month, whereas the typical customer visits five times per month (Moon).
  • Market Needs

Starbucks wants to create an experience for their customers that combine their on-the-go schedule, as well as a place to relax. Senior vice president of administration in North America Christine Day explains that, “people come here for the coffee, but ambience is what makes them want to stay,”

  • Selection

Starbucks menu contains brewed coffee, espresso traditions and favourites, cold beverages, coffee alternatives, frappuccinos, and the sale of whole beans.

  • Accessibility

Starbucks operates over 10,000 retail stores. Most of the 4,200 franchised stores are located in shopping malls and airports. Starbucks coffee brands are also marketed through grocery stores in the form of beans and even ice cream flavours.

  • Customer Service

Starbucks employees are referred to as “partners.” As of 2002, Starbucks employed 60,000 partners worldwide, 50,000 of those in the United States. From the beginning when Howard Schultz took

Over Starbucks, he believed, “Partner satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction,” (Moon).

  • Competitive Pricing

Starbucks brand coffee sold in grocery stores are similar to these prices found in the cafes.

  • Market Forecast (Moon)

Over the next few years, an estimate for the U.S. retail coffee market expects specialty coffee to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 9%-10%.

  • Starbucks was also estimated in 2002 to grow at a CAGR of about 20% top-line revenue growth.
  • As of 2002, coffee consumption had risen with more than half of the population (about 109 million people) drinking coffee every day, and an additional 52 million drinking coffee on occasion.
  •  PEST Analysis
  • Political Influences
    • Relationships between coffee producing nations and US
    • State & Local government controls
    • Economic Influences
      • Constant demand for food and beverages
      • Changes in disposable income could influence purchase levels
      • Social Influences
        • Consumer preferences could shift from coffee to other beverages
      • Technological Influences
        • Use of technology can  improve operational efficiencies
  • Market Growth
  • Reports show in 2002, the number of specialty coffee drinkers has become the market’s biggest growth.
  • An estimated one-third of all U.S. coffee consumption takes place outside of the home and in places such as offices, restaurants, and coffee shops (Moon).

SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths
  • The company is good at taking advantage of opportunities.
  • Starbucks is very profitable and has a strong financial base, therefore allowing the company to undertake new business ventures.
  • Revenue increased to $5294.2 million in 2004, a 29.9% increase from 2003 (Data Monitor)
  • Profits increased to $610 million in 2004, a 43.7% increase from 2003.
  • Net earnings increased 46% (SWOT).
  • The company is internationally recognized and has a global presence.
  • Their reputation is one of fine products and services.

                 Almost 9,000 cafes in almost 40 countries (SWOT)

  • Widespread brand recognition, which in turn becomes brand Preference, and ideally eventually brand loyalty.
  • Strong customer base
  • Clusters company units
  • Expands business with the continuing growth of the coffee market, especially in areas where the company is already well established, and groups stores in an area, therefore able to dominate the region.
  • Leads to considerable financial reward without suffering from cannibalism (Data Monitor).
  • Focus on opening stores that have convenient access for pedestrian and drivers
  • Helps the company capture an increasing share of the coffee market
  • Weaknesses
  • Reliance on beverage innovation
  • Vulnerable to the possibility that their innovation may falter over time
  • Company growth is mostly driven by beverage innovation.
  • If U.S. store growth decreases, stock is lowered in value.
  • Diminishing return from beverage innovation would have an adverse effect (Data Monitor).
  • More than 75% of the company’s stores are in the USA (Data Monitor).
  • May need to look for an assortment of countries in which to open more shops in order to spread business risk
  • 85% of revenue is from its domestic US market (Data Monitor).


v  Has high international brand recognition and should look to generate a greater proportion of revenue from outside the USA

v  Would suffer greatly if U.S. stores underperformed because of economic conditions or increased levels of competition

  • Dependent on the retail of coffee, this could make them slow to diversify into other divisions if the need should arise.
  • Employee efficiency is poor.
  • § Lower revenue per employee ($71,544—fiscal 2004) compared to the

    Industry average ($110,841) (Data Monitor)

  • Lower income per employee ($5,294) compared to the industry average ($9,500) (Data Monitor).
  • Lower Return on Equity than peers
  • Company’s 5 year average ROE (13.65%) have been lower than the

Industry average (15.09%)  (Data Monitor).

  • Need to effectively manage its finances to ensure that returns are at par of higher than industry average.
  • Problems in some international operations
  • Problems of expansion: A number of openings are failing to be


  • Japanese operations: The Company has experienced some same-stores sluggishness.
  • Closures of stores in Israel and Tel Aviv: Hurts growth prospects in the region
  • Opportunities
  • In 2004, created a CD-burning service where customers can create their own music CD
  • Opportunities for revenue growth by expanding its global operations


  • New markets for coffee are beginning to emerge; for example, in Indian and the Pacific Rim (SWOT).
  • Targeting 15,000 international stores in the next few years

v  Expansion potential questionable in Brazil, India, and Russia

v  China could be one of the largest markets, and therefore the company will focus on Beijing and Shanghai.

  • Large urban population
  • Rising economy
  • Increase in coffee consumption
  • Co-branding with other manufacturers of food and drinks and brand franchising to manufacturers of other goods and services
  • Creates loyalty for Starbucks brand
  • Recently signed agreement with Jim Beam Brands to develop and market a Starbucks-branded coffee liqueur drink (Data Monitor), which has strong revenue potential because:

v  Liqueurs represent $4-5 billion opportunity (Data Monitor).

v  Liqueurs with coffee represent a considerable segment of the Liqueur market.

v  There is a significant overlap between consumers of liqueurs and consumers loyal to the Starbucks brand (Data Monitor).

  • Growth in coffee markets: Starbucks has a market share of over 40% of the special coffee market (Data Monitor). Therefore growth in this category would result in considerable opportunities for further growth and expansion in the near future.
  • Threats
  • Coffee may not stay in favour with customers, and another type of beverage or leisure activity could replace it.
  • Rises in the costs of dairy products could affect the company’s margins.
  • Competition
  • Competitive coffee shops
  • Copy cat brands
  • Restaurants
  • Street carts
  • Competition could enter the market at any time.
  • The U.S. specialty coffee market continues to grow, and an

            Increasing number of firms is looking to enter.

  • At any time, a company with greater financial, marketing, and

Operating resources could enter the market and compete                                  directly with Starbucks.

  • Volatile nature of the coffee market
  • Multiple factors, including weather, political, and economic conditions for example, can potentially negatively affect the company’s business.
  • Green coffee prices may be affected due to agreements establishing export quotas or restricting global coffee supplies.
  • Slowing U.S. retail sales
  • Domestic retail accounts for about 75% of the company’s revenue growth and an even greater proportion of profit growth (Data Monitor).
  • If current U.S. store growth continues, saturation levels within the

North American division may be reached within five years. Before

                                  Reaching this point, US retail sales growth will slow significantly

                                 (Data Monitor)

  • Competition
  • Competition comes in several forms:

v  Independent/Local coffee shops

v  Social and inclusive

v  Diverse and intellectual

v  Artsy and funky, typically cozy and very welcoming

v  Liberal and free-spirited

v  Lingering encouraged

v  Particularly appealing to younger coffee house customers

v  Wide variety of beverages/food

v  Appeals to the non-traditional crowd

v  Franchise/Large Companies

  • Generally well-recognized names (McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.)
  • More convenient and accessible
  • Easy access in and out
  • Appeals to the more mainstream coffee drinkers
  • Services (Company)
  • Starbucks purchases roasts of the highest quality of whole bean coffees.
  • Fresh and rich brewed Italian espresso
  • Offers pastries and other appetizing confections
  • Sells coffee-related accessories (mugs, coffee makers, cups, espresso, etc.)
  • Expanded sales into supermarkets of whole bean coffee
    • Introduction the widely popular drink, Frappuccinos, to the public
    • Strives for satisfied customers and a welcoming environment
    • Works to have highest standards of excellence in way of business
    • Offers newspapers and other reading material, popular music, and Internet

 access (provided by T-Mobile)

  • Keys to Success (Company)
    • Rapidly expand retail operations
    • Growth in its specialty sales and other operations
    • Selectively pursue opportunities to leverage the Starbucks brand through the

introduction of new products

  • Continue to be widely available and welcoming
  • Maintain reputation for having specialty and gourmet coffee
  • Make customers feel welcome with friendly service
  • Critical Issues (Moon)
    •  Must increase customer satisfaction through improvements to service
    •   Friendlier and more attentive staff
    •  Faster and more efficient service
    •  Increase in personal treatment (remember customer’s name and order)
    •  More knowledgeable staff
    •  Better overall service
    •  Offer better prices/incentive programs

v  Free cups after “x” number of visits

v  Reduction of price

v  Offer promotions, sales to increase customer satisfaction


v   Offer better quality and variety of products

v   Improve atmosphere (friendly, welcoming)

v   Reaching out to community through involvement and awareness

v   More stores and convenient locations

  • Other critical issues Starbucks is criticized for and must be aware of are:

v  Clustering

v  Driving out independents

v   Loss of diversity

v   Its policy toward farming communities in developing countries

v   Fair trade

v   Many of these issues are vital for Starbucks to improve their

v  Customers’ satisfaction (Simmons).

    Critical Issues


Marketing Strategy

  • Starbucks Mission Statement (Company)

“Establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while     maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow.

The following six guiding principles will help us measure the appropriateness of our decisions:

  • Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • Embrace diversity as an essential component in the way we do business.
  • Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, roasting, and delivery of our fresh coffee o Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.
  • Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.
  • Recognize that profitability is essential to our future success.”
  • Environmental Mission Statement (Company)

“Starbucks is committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our business.

   We fulfil this mission by a commitment to:

  • Understanding of environmental issues and sharing information with our partners.
  • Developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change.
  • Striving to buy, sell, and use environmentally friendly products.
  • Recognizing that fiscal responsibility is essential to our environmental future.
  • Instilling environmental responsibility as a corporate value.
  • Measuring and monitoring our progress for each project.
  • Encouraging all partners to share in our mission.”
  • Other points of importance to Starbucks:
    • “Building customer loyalty around cappuccinos, lattes, and other fancy beverages,” (Overshot).
    • Want to create a sense of community
    • Want to create a memorable experience for a customer that inspires the customer to return often, as well as to tell a friend
    • Striving to become the most recognized and respected brand in the world
    • Putting people before products (Company)
    • What a Starbucks store should be: “An authentic coffee experience that conveyed the artistry of espresso making, a place to think and imagine, a spot where people could gather and talk over a great cup of coffee, a comforting refuge that provided a sense of community, a third place for people to congregate beyond work or the home, a place that welcomed people and rewarded them for coming, and a layout that could accommodate both fast service and quiet moments” (Thompson).
  • Marketing Objectives
  • To create a Starbucks experience that makes people come for the coffee, stay for the ambience and environment, and return for the connection
  • To build an image separate from smaller coffee chains
  • To clearly communicate the values and commitments of the Starbucks business to their customers, instead of only growth plans publicized in the media
  • Financial Objectives
    • Have each store reach a $20,000 weekly sales level
    • Open new stores with lower store-opening costs (about $315,000 per store on average).
    • Target Marketing
      • Based on a sample of Starbucks’ 2002 customer base, the attitudes toward the brand were:
  • The chart shows that the new customers have a poorer attitude toward Starbucks in every category than the existing customers.
  • The new customer type that needs attention is:

v   45% female, 55% male

v   Average age of 36

v   37% have a college degree

v   Average income is $65,000

v   Drink an average of 15 cups of coffee per week

  • Store Expansion Strategy
    • Target areas with favourable demographic profiles, as well as areas that can be serviced and supported by the company’s operations infrastructure.
  • For each targeted area, select a large city to serve as a focal point.

v  Goal of each focal city: Open 20 or more stores in that city in the first two years.

v  Once stores cover the city, open additional stores in smaller, surrounding areas in the region.

  • With this plan, the company had only closed 2 of the 1,500 sites it had opened between 1992 and 1997.
  • Stores must be custom-designed.

v   The company does not buy freestanding structures, and therefore each store is a different shape and size.

v  Most stores range in size from 1,000 to 1,500 square feet.

  • Most stores are located in high-trafficked, high-visibility areas, such as:

v  Office buildings

v   Downtown and suburban retail centres

v  Airport terminals

v   University campuses

v  Busy neighbourhood shopping areas convenient to pedestrian traffic

  • International expansion

v  As of 2004, the company operated over 300 company-owned stores in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Thailand, as well as 900 licensed stores in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

v  Goal: Have 15,000 international stores

  • Other things to consider:

v  Kiosks

v  Drive-through windows

  • Positioning
  • Store Ambience

v   Goal: To make customers want to linger

v   Social Appeal—Offer a sense of community, a           place where people can come together

v   Physical layout

  • Seating areas to encourage lounging
  •  Appear upscale yet inviting

v  Aromas

  •  Smoking is banned in all stores
  •  Employees are asked to refrain from wearing perfumes or colognes, and prepared foods are kept covered so customers would only smell coffee aromas.

v  Sounds

  • Play soothing CDs that are also for sale
  •  Often offer live music
  • Customer Service

v  The company sees a direct link between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

v  The company believes that employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction (Moon).

  •  Voted onto Fortune‘s Top 100 Places to Work
  •  Employee satisfaction remains consistently around 80-90%.
  •  Turnover rate is 70%, one of the lowest in the industry
  •  Focuses on manager stability in order to decrease employee turnover, but also to help recognize regular customers and provide personalized services

v  Employees are trained to connect with customers and focus on “customer intimacy.”

  • Greet customers with a smile.
  • Enthusiastically welcome customers into the store.
  •  Establish eye contact.
  •  Try to remember customers’ names and orders if they are frequent customers.

v  “Just Say Yes” policy, in order to keep the customer happy, which may go beyond store rules

  • Example: Always compensate dissatisfied customers with a Starbucks coupon entitling them to a free drink
  • Example: Give a customer a free refill if he/she spills their drink.
  • Advertising—The Company spends very little on advertising and depends on word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Involvement in the Community

v  Contributing positively to surrounding communities is one of Starbucks’ guiding principles in the company’s mission statement.

v   Howard Schultz had the plan to “build a company with soul (Student).

v   Starbucks has been the largest corporate contributor in North America to CARE, a worldwide relief and development organization to help Third World countries where Starbucks purchases its coffee supplies.

v   The company has an Environmental Committee that looks for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste, as well as contribute to local community environmental efforts.

v   The company donated almost $200,000 to literacy improvement efforts (Student).

v  Starbucks has many community building programs to “contribute positively to the communities where our partners (employees) and customers live, work, and play” (Corporate).

v  “As part of Starbucks ongoing commitment to share the comfort of coffee during times of crisis, the company continues to demonstrate our support of the men and women serving in the U.S. military overseas” (Company).

v  The Starbucks Foundation (Company)

  • Established in 1997 by Howard Schultz
  •  Inspired by Schultz’s childhood experiences and those of other inner city children
  •  Dedicated to creating hope, discovery, and opportunity in the communities of Starbucks
  • Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Research
  • Schultz wanted to use research in order for Starbucks to challenge the status quo, be more innovative and take bigger risks.
  • Examples of questions he asked were :

v   What could Starbucks do to make its stores an even more elegant “third place” that welcomed, rewarded, and surprised customers?

v   What new products and new experiences could the company provide that would uniquely belong to or be associated with Starbucks?

v   What could coffee be – besides being hot or liquid?

v  How could Starbucks reach people who were not coffee drinkers?

v   What strategic paths should Starbucks pursue to achieve its objective of becoming the most recognized and respected brand of coffee in the world?

  • At the retail stores, a pamphlet is available for customers to share their thoughts about their Starbucks experience.
  • Starbucks uses “Customer Snapshots,” similar to mystery shoppers, to evaluate partner performance in the retail stores (Moon).

v  The four basic service evaluations include:

  • Service – Did the register partner verbally greet the customer? Did the partners make eye contact with the customer? Say thank you?
  • Cleanliness – Was the store clean? The counters? The tables? The restrooms?
  • Product Quality – Was the order filled accurately? Was the temperature of the drink within range? Was the beverage properly presented?
  • Speed of Service – How long did the customer have to wait? The company’s goal was to serve a customer within three minutes, from back-of-the-line to drink-in-hand.

 Customer Snapshot Scores (North American Stores)

  • Product

 Starbucks product-mix expanded from 30 varieties of whole bean coffees to eco-friendly cappuccino, coffee makers, and other Starbuck paraphernalia. Its product offerings have also expanded beyond pastries and coffee to oatmeal, smoothes, and wraps to keep up with the competition and satisfy more customer needs.

The company has also been constantly introducing new products, such as “Instant via Ready” and “Full Leaf Tazo Tea Lattes” and “Tazo Tea Infusions”. The Instant via Ready is an instant coffee that the company claims is indistinguishable from its regular brewed coffee (Jargon). Full Leaf Tazo Tea Lattes and Tazo Tea Infusions are the company’s new tea offerings through which it hopes to attract tea drinkers (Edwards). The company also offers Starbucks coffee and cappuccino makers for consumers who wish to replace their existing home coffee makers.

  • Price

Starbucks products are priced higher due to perceived upscale image attached to its brand. The company also began to offer $1 bottomless 8 oz. cup of coffee, with unlimited refills that cost approximately 50 cents less than any other Starbucks products. The company is also implementing “value strategies” that would emphasize more on inexpensive coffee products rather being perceived as unaffordable to price-skittish consumers. For example, the company introduced $3.95 “breakfast pairings,” including popular breakfast items paired with a coffee, and highlights $2 brewed coffees instead of the more expensive specialty drinks (Jennings).

  • Place

 As stated earlier, Starbucks can be found in any neighbourhood where there is a perceived high traffic for its stores. Starbucks outlets can also be found in-store of various large chains including Barnes & Noble and Target. Their locations are extremely conducive for individuals that are on the go and for those who enjoy reading or listening to music. Starbucks has also been recently testing “stealth outlets”, where the store is named after the street it is located on. The new stores attempt to “localize” Starbucks stores with no Starbucks logo on any of the products being offered there, and instead have the specific street address as the brand name (Allison).

  • Promotion

Starbucks has implemented numerous promotions to reach its target markets. Promotions are listed as follows:
• One of the promotions that Starbucks has used is the Starbucks Card. Starbucks Card is an initiative that offers customers the opportunity to promote company’s products through a referral system. When a customer purchases a gift card, it not only shows brand loyalty, but it also provides the company with free advertising, and brings in new customers. Starbucks also provides a card for corporate sales, which are used for extrinsic rewards to show employee appreciation for a job well done, or a gift to client or a vendor. 
• Coffee services delivered to offices without coffee size restrictions.
• Appealing to a diverse customer base by offering international teas and coffees to accommodate those customers that want a taste from home or for locals that enjoy tea.
• Using philanthropy as a means for promotion – Starbucks contributes to several non-profit organizations as a way to improve brand image and awareness in local communities.

  • Controls
  • Problems and Solutions
  • In 2002, our fellow associates, including Christine Day, recognized that customer service needed to be improved upon, and one idea to conquer this problem was to invest $40 million annually in 4,500 stores.
  • By adding almost $9,000 to each store, this would allow an additional 20 hours of labour per week.
  • Day said, “The idea is to improve speed-of-service and thereby increase customer satisfaction.”
  • According to a survey of customers, 65% believed fast service was a key attribute to their satisfaction.
  • In the past when we thought of adding more labour hours to our retail stores, we decided against it due to the struggling economy, especially since labour was already our biggest expense.  
  • Another option instead of increasing labour hours is to increase the efficiency of the partners that we currently employ. We removed the no value- added tasks, simplified the production process, and manipulated the store layout to take better advantage of store space.
  • Additionally, we installed an automatic espresso machine that was faster, reduced waste, and improved consistency while still fulfilling our customer’s needs. We want to continually implement the use of these machines in more of our stores.
  • Furthermore, we want to add more drive-thru lanes to our stores. In doing so, we can still serve our customers who want a taste of Starbucks on-the go.
  • Marketing Organizations
  • Although we have been considered one of the world’s most effective marketing organizations, we lack a strategic marketing group (Moon).
  • Instead, we have smaller divisions (Moon):

v  Market research group – gathered and analyzed market data

v  Category group – developed new products and managed the menu

v Marketing group – developed quarterly promotional plans

  • However, we need to find a way to get these divisions to collaborate so information about market and customer trends is not overlooked like it has been in the past and we can make better decisions about driving our business in the future.
  • In 1995, a “Stores of the Future” project team was formed (Student).

v  Their goal was to come up with the next generation of Starbucks stores to be debuted in 1996.

v  Schultz communicated with the team and envisioned the retail stores to look and feel like, “an authentic coffee experience that conveyed the artistry of espresso making, a place to think and imagine, a spot where people could gather and talk over a great cup of coffee, a comforting refuge that provided a sense of community, a third place for people to congregate beyond work or the home, a place that welcomed people and rewarded them for coming, and a layout that could accommodate both fast service and quiet moments.”

v  The team researched the art and literature of coffee throughout the ages, studied coffee-growing and coffee-making techniques, and looked at how our retail stores have already evolved in terms of design, logos, colours, and mood.

v  The team decided upon four store layout designs:

  • A store for each stage of coffee making: growing, roasting, brewing, and aroma.
  • Each store had its own colour combinations, lighting scheme, and component materials.
  • Also, the stores adapted to the environment, whether the store was downtown or on a college campus, for example.
  • Recommendations For Improvement
  • Revamp the employee reward system
  • Tighten focus on creating the “Third
      Place” environment
  • Focus profitability measures on profitable
      sales, not just reduction in staffing


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Mobiles and their own world

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Social Media and their Existence Everywhere

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Business Management With An S-Corporation


An S-Corporation is basically the same as a C-Corporation except for tax benefits. They are taxed similar to a partnership. In a S-Corporation the income is taxed once, unlike a C-Corporation that is taxed twice. Some of the rules of an S-Corporation are that no more than 75 shareholders, the shareholders have to all agree to the corporation being an S-Corporation, all must be legal citizens of the United States, and stock can be of only one class.

Information on S-Corporations

In an S-Corporation the shareholders are not liable personally for any of the corporations debts or damages. Since it is a non taxable entity the profits get taxed once then are passed down to the shareholders. On their personal income taxes the shareholders have to put any losses or profits from the corporation. The S-Corporation can’t get the dividends received deduction and the 10% taxable income limitation for charitable deductions does not apply to them.

The shareholders of an S-Corporation control it. They are not allowed to be other corporations or partnerships. When the corporation gets bigger they will eventually become C-Corporations because of all the regulations and rules of an S-Corporation.


Until that time or the corporation is dissolved the S-Corporation will always exist. The corporation will be there even if the shareholders change. The S-Corporation automatically will be considered a C-Corporation if all the rules and regulations no longer exist for an S-Corporation.

The Convenience of S-Corporations

You can have an S-Corporation in any state. The rules are different in some states, which also means the taxation might be also. Be sure to check with the rules in the state where you wish to form the corporation and be sure to follow them.

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  1. Full address format of date and company name and entrepreneurs, along with the completion of the blank page to the index page.
  2. Create Web pages with “Executive Summary” under the title describes briefly the purpose of this summary, which will cover management issues, marketing strategies and a summary of important financial firms must be products listed only a page long.
  3. Enter the address “business concept” as the title of the next page. This section is a detailed description of the company and subtitles subpartidas include the objectives of the mission and company description, history and development and provides a review of a product or service.
  4. Enter the name of “market and the industry” to a new page. This section will discuss the market trends and industry Target Company. The use of titles with keyword, such as, for example, target market, competition, pricing, strategy and promotional events, marketing writer understand the importance of covering all bases on the market.
  5. Introduction of all the people in the company, under the title “Management.”, each section should have a name and a title, together with the location where the roles and responsibilities. Other prominent members include investors and lenders and their business functions, and then add the space for this model.
  6. Chief of party “part of the operations that you want to print in the previous section, including the management of its responsibility to feed.” When you use the method in accordance with the market and how Nganphara customer service functionality. Authors can learn in this section, where required for this site to do more work or interests. For example, a browser that support customers ‘ business is required, but is not included in the job or who is responsible. In this section, readers items unsafe business plans for editing.
  7. And start a new page entitled “risk management”.  “After the end of the section, written by now fully risk firms for each risk can add multiple rows that support by writer, by company, in case if this risk, you should have any problems.” risk following example is a non-profit organization, sponsors for financial support. Must constitute a threat to win the sponsors of the Organization, could solve their non-profit organization, to save water. In this section if the writer knows for every company ready for the town of Aqaba.
  8. Create a new entry in the budget and financial costs. The Treasury section, should include an overview of all costs and start-up costs and expected revenue in the first year of operation. Use titles like “flexible” expenditure (disbursements, which changes each month), “fixed costs” (similar to payments every month, such as rent and utilities), “operation fees (registry and permissions, licenses and equipment) and a monthly income,” requires “costs (payments cover production and product and labor costs and the costs associated with the company).
  9. The name of the last page of the add-in.  Business plan template, “need to annex of all was not in the plan of action contain.” When you deploy the template footer containing keywords, such as copyright and information about taxes and product ideas design recommendations for the development of the logo. In this section can include other relevant information on these companies.

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Today there are an end-number of highly reputed MBA colleges in India, but obtaining your MBA degree from the top and MBA colleges in Chennai, from India is a matter of great stimulation. This is because enrolling through these colleges help the students in acquiring a brim over others. With the increasing demand of MBA in India, thousands of MBA colleges in India are being surfaced around to cater to needs of students desirous to pursue their career in business administration. Some of the best MBA colleges in Chennai every year offer several appropriate business programs for their students. These colleges allow their students to acquire an organized and systematic body of knowledge. The students must have acquired 60% marks in their graduation to get admitted in these post graduate courses.


Pursuing these PGDM courses, the students are provided with the knowledge in a variety of subjects and allow for the opportunity in many different specialized areas. Some of the key areas of specialization in MBA offered by the best MBA colleges in Chennai are operations management, human resource management, finance, marketing, Sales and other related fields. MBA courses offeredby these premier colleges meet ongoing requirements and challenging demands of the modern business world.

Through their MBA courses, these colleges make their students business experts in addition to providing in-depth understanding of business management theoretically and practically. Moreover, the students are also introduced to the functional subjects of management along with the integrative and general management subjects in the first year as well as detailed sectionization in marketing in the following year, taking help from case studies and real world examples.

These best MBA colleges in Chennai require students to pass through trimester format, wherein the students will have to appear for total 6 trimesters across two academic years, meaning 3 trimesters per academic year. Each trimester will be of 10 effective weeks including working days. Thus, pursuing any PGDM course or MBA course through the best MBA colleges in Chennai, India is an ideal blend of classroom teaching, tutorials, workshops, seminar presentations, case discussions, simulations, study tours, field work/visits/surveys/studies, guided self-study and, most importantly, peer learning.

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Factors why some Business owners depend on Online Marketing Strategy


In today’s world and age, lots of of the newly started small businesses tried to compete with business giants even they know that it’s really hard to compete with giant businesses they still try to do their best. Regardless that, most of these businesses botched however still they never quit the challenge of becoming one of the business giants sooner or later. The only possible ’cause is relaying so much with online marketing strategy. Ordinarily, those online marketing strategy that are already tried and tested.

One of the best business development plan that’s been providing efficient digital marketing plan is the SEO. Search Engine Optimization is broadly use along with online stores. And they really believe that there’s no such thing as online business failure. Below are 3 reasons why digital marketing is in demand these days.

Professional – There are staff digital marketing strategy that it’s seems pro and the system is very promising but when you use it you realize it’s an epic fail.

Thus you ought to be aware that you are destined to be deceive than lucratively carry out the digital marketing strategy. Hence before you expend a lot for your digital marketing schemes better investigate the strategy or system by asking few individual who have been using the pertaining digital marketing or groups just to make certain that your strategy is working.

Global – once you use a digital marketing strategy that is very useful and effective, expect that your online business will reach the far end of the world. And bit by bit your business will be recognized and you will convey services to places that you never imagine before. Hence, if you wish to make your business increase all over the world try to become loose and go with the idea.


Originality – Distinctive digital marketing strategy is never a wrong idea. Every business development plan that can complete original form of digital marketing is necessary. You can always feel securewhen hatching a digital marketing plan because you already execute the most useful and steadfast digital marketing nowadays.

You must know that with regards to the preparation of your business sales growth means bigger responsibility. It’s more than hatching an effective digital marketing plan thus it must be implemented. It’s no use creating a digital marketing plan for your business if you don’t do something about it. In most cases business marketing is more on showing the goods in the market than keeping it inside the company’s warehouse. To make it clearer, company products or services meant to expose especially to people who are potential buyers. If there are any chances you can get to make a sale you’re going to do it no matter what it takes. So, to consider creating a digital marketing plan for your business is a major move now, nothing or no one will stop you. Since this is a very positive business proposition, all you think about is getting excited to start things up.